Aura Vaanstrong Gives Uncompetitive Instructions After MPL ID Season 7

One of the Aura Fire players, Vaanstrong, does not seem to be continuing to the competitive scene again after the MPL ID Season 7 which is about to start.

Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 7 will start on February 26, 2021 which means we will again enjoy the highest caste competition of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

Still no team has announced rooster complete them to compete in MPL ID Season 7 but there are leaks regarding rooster Aura Fire.

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Leaked Roster Aura Fire MPL ID S7

Aura Fire player, Vaanstrong uploaded a photo on Instagram with many possible players rooster Aura Fire for the upcoming MPL ID Season 7.

The following is rooster Aura Fire in the photo:

  • Kabuki
  • High
  • Godiva
  • Vaanstrong
  • Vans
  • Qeira

Not only that, in the photo there are CL and Facehugger as the trainers and analysts.

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Aura Vaanstrong Gives Instructions Not To Be Competitive Again After MPL ID Season 7

Aura Vaanstrong MPL ID Season 7
Photo via: Instagram Aura Vaanstrong

Interestingly, there is a photo upload caption “MPL Season 7 coming soon, maybe last season yes,”

From these instructions, Vaanstrong is likely to become MPL ID Season 7 as his last tournament or will not play competitively anymore.

But it could also be that MPL S7 will be Vaanstrong’s last tournament at Aura Fire and move to another team.

Yup We can only wait after MPL ID Season 7 is over, friend, RevivaL!

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