Auto Banned Candidate’s Ideal Tanker?

Kaja, the new tanker that appeared on the Advanced Server since last April 2018, has recently been released on the official server. From the skillset that Kaja Mobile Legends has, this Tanker is perfect in all aspects. Most likely, he will always be banned at the Epic rank and above or maybe Moonton will be nerfed in the future.

Let’s discuss one by one the skills that Kaja Mobile Legends has.

Passive Skill: Eye of the Storm

Maybe of all the skills Kaja has, this passive skill is arguably the worst. Compared to other Tanker hero passive skills, this passive skill is also arguably one of the most unattractive like Franco’s or Minotaur’s (because Rage management may still be difficult for most players to master).

Kaja’s passive skill only increases Movement Speed ​​by 40% and can only occur every 5 seconds. The real problem for me is not really the Movement Speed ​​buff, because it will be very helpful both when aggressive or defensive, but about the cooldown that is too long.

If only the cooldown of this passive skill was reduced to 2 or 3 seconds, maybe this passive skill would be even more interesting. But fortunately, the ugliness of this passive skill can be covered with 3 active skills which are all good.

Skill 1: Ring of Order

This first skill may not seem too attractive compared to Kaja Mobile Legends’s skill 2 and ulti. However, this skill has 2 phases. The first phase is more useful for giving slow and a little flick of damage. But if combined with the second phase which allows Kaja to throw electricity every 0.6 seconds, this first skill is quite painful for a tanker.

Remember, Kaja is a tanker. So compare this skill with other skills that other Tanker heroes have in Mobile Legends. Please try it yourself, however, from my experiments and calculations, this first skill is one of the most painful non-ulti skills compared to other heroes.

Earlier I said non-ultimate skill, because there is still Balmond if you want to count all the sickest skills that exist among the Tankers.

Skill 2: Gale Force

The second skill from Kaja Mobile Legends may indeed be much more interesting and useful for a Tanker’s skillset.

Gale Force also has 2 aspects: charge (move places quickly) and shield. Skill charge, blink, jump, flicker, or whatever it is called is always useful both for attacking or defending because in MOBA the position determines achievement.

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These skills that allow us to move places quickly are very useful for positioning.

Besides being able to be used to move places quickly, this second skill can also provide shields to ally heroes because I said earlier that this skillset is indeed more useful for a Tanker.

Plus you can charge further if this skill is about a friend’s hero. Because of that, this skill can be used very well to open teamfight or even run away when dying.

Ulti Skill: Divine Judgment

If you play MOBA on PC too, skills have the same mechanism as Batrider’s in Dota 2 or Skarner in League of Legends even though they are not exactly the same.

This ultimate skill from Kaja Mobile Legends is what makes him often banned in high ranks. The reason is, besides being able to lock down enemy movements, this skill can actually attract enemies to the location we want.

This ultimate skill will be a new scourge for slippery heroes like Harley, Hayabusa, or Fanny. Plus, this skill also has very good synergy with other skills that Kaja has.

First, if another enemy attacks Kaja when he pulls the opponent’s hero, his passive skill will appear and make him run faster. Second, the first skill can also be used when you pull an enemy hero so that it can give quite spicy damage.

Finally, you can also use the second skill at the ultimate so you can draw the opponent’s hero even further.

Skillset Analysis and Comparison with Other Tankers

kaja mobile legend

As I said at the beginning, Kaja is indeed the perfect tanker in all aspects. The skill set makes many other Tanker heroes incomplete.

For defensive questions, Lolita does have a shield and passive shield skills, but she can’t move places quickly. Regarding attraction, Franco also has a hook but this skill is easily avoided by experienced players.

For damage, Balmond and Hilda might be better but they both don’t have hard CC (CC which keeps the enemy from moving). What about Johnson? Well, the Johnson toy car is in fact not easy.

Minotaurs, Uranus, or Hylos may also be harder to kill but they can’t move quickly apart from using Flickers. As for Akai, his ult can be used to mess up the opponent’s formation and lock the enemy’s movement to the wall.

However, Kaja’s ultimate skill is much easier to use in all situations because you don’t need to rely on walls. This method of directing the ulti is also similar to the ulti targeting system from Eudora which is very friendly for beginners.

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However, other Tanker heroes don’t mean they are useless because Kaja is there. It’s just that, only Kaja currently actually offers a complete package of all the things needed for a Tanker.

So, if you really like or even want to learn to be a tanker, you must buy Kaja.