Azur4 leaves EVOS Esports, what do their team managers comment on?

The warm news came back from the realm Dota 2. However, not from scene overseas this time. Because it’s on local scene, just EVOS Esports say goodbye to Azur4. Of course this news surprised many parties, considering the EVOS Esports division Dota 2 they are getting ready to follow World Electronic Sports Games 2017 or WESG 2017 in Haikou City, China.

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This was conveyed on their social media through a short 1-minute video showing some footage of Azur4’s activities during his time as part of this team.

We immediately tried to contact EVOS Esports and had the opportunity to ask a few questions to the Team Manager, Aldean Tegar Gemilang.

According to him, Azur4’s departure created sadness. More than 7 months of Azur4’s tenure, or the man who has his real name Muhammad Luthfi this at EVOS.

“I personally feel very sad for Azur4, who is no longer at EVOS. It has been more than 7 months that Azur4 has strengthened the EVOS lineup in local and international tournaments, of course there are many joys and sorrows with Azur4’s presence at EVOS, “said Aldean.

Documentation: EVOS Esports

“Hopefully Azur4 in the future can develop even more and maximize his potential in his new team in the future! Thank you and good luck further Azur4! ” he added.

Reasons for Release and Its Replacement

Unfortunately, Aldean cannot reveal the reason for Azur4’s departure. However, he did not get bored, he wished Azura all the best.

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Aldean also admitted that he did not have a replacement for Azur4. However, since they have to fly to China for the 2017 WESG, EVOS will use stand-in from Alter Ego, Tomi ‘Feuru’ Putra, who was announced a few hours after they announced Azur4’s departure.

Yansen Wijaya, EVOS Esports Community Manager when accompanying the team Mobile Legendshis studio RevivaLTV, said that rooster Dota 2 EVOS Esports will even go straight to China tomorrow (11/3/2018). He also said that they would not follow either Open Qualifiers StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4.

How about their performance with Feuru who became stand-in at WESG 2017? Does this also mean the first approach with Feuru which will be officially proposed?

We wish them all the best for the team led by Aville. Hopefully, the name of Indonesia will make Indonesia proud at WESG 2017 tomorrow.

Edited and rewritten by Jabez Elijah