Babymay officially enters Belletron Esports in the Mobile Legends Division

Recently, there is good news from Belletron Esports, where they officially introduced their newest member from the Mobile Legends division, May “Babymay” Angelica.

Belletron Esports itself is an esports organization created on April 9, 2019, in which this organization is specifically for female players.

Belletron Esports Player is an organization that is under the auspices of Bigetron Esports. We also know that Bigetron Esports or BTR is one of the most well-known and strongest esports organizations in Indonesia.


Before Babymay was officially introduced, Belletron Esports from the Mobile Legends division had released two players in early October, including Isna “Valanyr” Machdita and Ayu “Lunatic” Kusuma.

That way, the line-ups of the Belletron Esports Mobile Legends division players include:

  • Gabrielle “Elle” Nadya Kusuma
  • Susanti “Chinoeii” milk
  • Kellie “Gummy” Wen
  • Vivi “Vivian” Indrawaty
  • Jeanne “Venom” Sylvi
  • May “Babymay” Angelica

With Babymay, hopefully Belletron Esports can develop even further and be able to participate in many competitions to get various trophies that can be brought home later.

Apart from the Mobile Legends division, they also introduced a new Belletron Elite member from the PUBG Mobile division, the new member is BTR Nikki.

Which, BTR Nikki himself had previously brought Belletron Elite to rank second in FGL PUBG Mobile Minor Series One. In addition to successfully leading his team to qualify for the 2020 FGL Major Tournament, he also managed to occupy the top 10 Terminator FGL PUBG Mobile Minor Series.