Bad Habits When Using Laptops to Avoid

Laptop, is a multifunctional electronic device. Not infrequently, various tasks must be completed using a laptop instead of a PC thanks to the efficiency and ease of being able to carry it anywhere.

However, this does not mean that the laptop can be placed anywhere. Laptops must be cared for properly. This is because there are so many laptop users who place their tools inappropriately.

What’s more, there are lots of bad habits that must be avoided if you want your laptop to be clean and durable. What are you curious about? Let’s just discuss it below!

One Table with Food and Drinks

Indeed, when using a laptop, the most fun is with food and drinks. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can do this habit because it has a bad effect.

By placing food and drinks near your laptop, this means that it will attract ants that may enter the laptop. Of course, more and more ants will be in the laptop.

Being in a Dusty and Dirty Place

Using a laptop, it must be in a clean place. Don’t ever place and use your laptop in a dusty and dirty place. Placing it in a noisy and dirty place will make the fan on the laptop dirty faster and of course reduce the performance of the laptop.

Low Air Circulation Laptop Place

Laptops need good air circulation to be able to work with maximum performance. If you use a laptop in a place with minimal air circulation, the laptop’s circulation will be disturbed.

This of course will make it heat up faster. Making the laptop heat up faster, of course, means the laptop will decrease its performance faster and of course the laptop will not last.

Using a laptop while smoking

If you smoke, it’s best not to do it while using a laptop. There is a potential for dust and ash from cigarettes to get into the sidelines of the laptop. What’s more, if the ash is still hot, the ash will have the potential to damage laptop components.

Putting the Laptop on the Thigh or Mattress

The last thing is don’t let you use the laptop on your thigh or on the mattress. This will only inhibit the circulation of the laptop which of course will make the laptop heat up and the fan cannot run optimally.

In fact, in some cases it is found that the use of a laptop on a mattress will make the laptop overheat and of course, if this happens it is not impossible that there are components that will be damaged.

After reading a series of these bad habits, of course you have to be more careful and careful in using a laptop. Try to use the laptop as where you bought it for the first time so that the laptop can last.

In addition, with a laptop that is durable and its performance doesn’t decline, you also don’t have to go back and forth to buy a laptop.