Bali United Becomes the First Indonesian Football Team in the Realm of Esports!

The shocking news came from the realm of Indonesian esports, to be precise in Bali. One of the teams that occupy the highest caste of the Indonesian football league brings a surprise.

Yup, Bali United has become an Indonesian football team that shocked the realm of esports with the announcement of its team.

The reason is, they have just announced that they will enter the realm of esports in various ways teaser.

From the findings of the RevivalTV team, they brought in one of the professional esports teams named Island of God eSports (@iogesports).

However, they have not announced the division that will be launched or presented to the team.

With the god logo according to the nickname of the island of Bali, namely the island of the Gods. Then, Island of Gods has the need for ideas and logos needed to attract new fans.

However from teaser which is presented sounds a typical game sound Mobile Legends. Apart from that they show some specific game icons like PUBG Mobile and Speed ​​Drifters.

The Island of Gods Instagram page also shows that there will be the first three divisions that appear for the team.

bali united esports
Source: Bali United

Again, all is just speculation and absolute terms fall on the management of the Bali United team. Regardless of the division, Bali United’s presence has earned praise.

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Because Bali United is the first professional football team in Indonesia to enter the realm of esports.

In contrast to foreign clubs that are already involved in the world of esports, such as Paris Saint-Germain and Schalke 04.

Can Bali United gain success with the Island of Gods eSports team? Let’s look forward to the surprise from the newcomer to the realm of Indonesian esports.