Beat BOOM ID, Geek Fam Take SEA Main Qualifier Slot – EPICENTER 2017

BOOM ID as one of the teams that is currently booming, previously they managed to show their good performance in the 2017 EPICENTER tournament – SEA Open Qualifier # 2.

This good performance was evident when they made it to the final round after defeating Rex Regum Qeon by a score of 2-0. However, their struggle in the final was not easy

Faced with Geek Fam as one of the strong teams from Malaysia, BOOM ID won the first game but Geek Fam also managed to equalize, so they were forced to advance to the decisive game.

draft game 3, boom id vs geek fam

Seeing the third game Invoker – inYourDream was allowed to be taken away, even though this is one of his signature heroes plus this hero is one of the keys to BOOM ID to win the first game.

The third game ran quite fiercely, the two teams chased each other’s networth and also took turns pushing each other. However, when BOOM ID pushed the tower 2 top lane and lost 3 heroes, Geek Fam managed to secure a set of barracks in the midlane quite easily. BOOM ID could have a little sigh of relief when Geek Fam failed to push their top lane and lost 3 heroes.

Geek Fam persistently pushed them back to the top lane, with the help of Lina’s attack speed of 1 barrack, even Mega Creep could be destroyed quite easily by Geek Fam. Under these circumstances BOOM ID still managed to survive but in the end Geek Fam won by ending the game within 1 hour 27 minutes.

With this defeat BOOM ID had to give in and fall from EPICENTER 2017 while Geek Fam would advance to the SEA Main Qualifier round along with MVP Revolution who won SEA Open Qualifier # 1.


There is no information regarding which teams will participate in the SEA Main Qualifier – EPICENTER 2017. However, we estimate that teams such as Faceless, TNC and others will likely get the invite. Stay tuned on RevivaL TV for more info about EPICENTER 2017 😀