Beautiful Comeback, TNC Predator Successfully Wins BTS Pro Series Season 4!

TNC Predator presents a surprise after winning BTS Pro Series Season 4 with stunning results. How could it not be, several teams that disbanded and made changes to the roster became a golden opportunity for TNC, which had just released March to T1.

Closing the year 2020 with a victory is something that is sickening, especially BTS Pro Series Season 4 is a stunning tournament made by BeyondTheSummit. Armel and company against Team Dog in the grand final with comeback captivating.

Yep, Team Dog was able to lead the fight very well but TNC Predator opened the first tap of points. However, Team Dog is filled with SEA stars such as inYourdreaM, iceiceice, Poloson, Abed, and ah fu.

Until finally Team Dog led the fight with a score of 2-1 because TNC’s aggressive play was only felt in the fourth match. Yep, the best-of-five match format provides an opening for the TNC Predator team.

TNC Predator BTS Season 4
Source: TNC Predator

Previously, TNC was the champion in the group stage with 11-3 points and was able to beat Fnatic. But Team Dog has a different roster especially the Evil Geniuses duo, Abed Yusop and Daryl “iceiceice“Pei Xiang was able to put up a fight and advance to the Grand Final after sending TNC to the round lower bracket.

Gabbi et al. also have to beat T1 in order to be able to secure a ticket to the Grand Final round. Sure enough, T1 was sent home by TNC with a score of 2-0 without reply. This victory gave TNC Predator an opportunity for revenge.

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After being 2-1 behind, it seems that TNC Predator started to ‘rush’ to close the year with a championship title. Yep, Gabbi played very well with Morphling who was paired with Armel’s Invoker. Not forgetting the brilliant initiation of Kpii’s Brewmaster who is able to surprise every match.

TNC was able to steal the momentum of victory in the 43rd minute and played super aggressively in the 5th match with a fast 25 minute match. Of course this result was a surprise, especially since TNC has just recently overhauled its roster, especially with its very strong opponents.

With this result, TNC successfully brought home 21,000 USD and closed a beautiful victory at the end of 2020. The presence of TNC itself from year to year is indeed very consistent even though it has made changes to its roster several times.

This victory leaves one last match for TNC, namely preparing for its adventures in the 2020-2021 Dota Pro Circuit season with the Regional League system.

The following is the complete list of winners in BTS Pro Series Season 4:

  1. TNC Predator – $ 21,000
  2. Team Dog – $ 11,000
  3. T1 – $ 6,500
  4. Fnatic – $ 4,500

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