Before the Champion, Alter Ego was pessimistic about his opponent at MPLI

Alter Ego won the MPLI after passing a series of stunning results. The MPL Indonesia Season 6 runner-up came out as champion after defeating the best Southeast Asian teams.

No half-hearted, Alter Ego must meet EVOS Legends who won the M1 Worlds event in Malaysia. At one time pessimistic, even so the team fronted by Udil et al. is able to come out as champions.

Alter Ego himself has been actively competing in MPL Indonesia since Season 5 which is not seen as a winning candidate. At that time, ONIC Esports, RRQ Hoshi, and EVOS Legends were still the teams to be counted on.

Sure enough, the MPL ID S5 playoff round is proof of Alter Ego’s defeat compared to the favorite teams. Just from the MPL ID Season 6 tournament, Alter Ego’s performance seemed to be going up. In fact, one of AE’s retainer admitted that his new recruit was a factor in the team’s development.

“Udil’s influence on Alter Ego’s development has reached 70 percent,” said Celiboy. Indeed, the presence of Udil from ONIC has shocked many people, especially since the player is known to be loyal to ONIC through a series of champions.

Source: ONE Esports

Alter Ego became even stronger and finally lost narrowly in the Grand Final of MPL ID Season 6 against RRQ Hoshi. You could say, the cause of Alter Ego’s defeat was less luck, moreover the ‘whereabouts’ incident cannot be forgotten.

The CEO of Alter Ego, Delwyn Sukamto, admitted that from the side of the team, he lacks confidence when it comes to fighting top team ranks in MPLI matches.

“We initially lacked confidence when we found out that we were part of the bracket of hell, but on the bright side we got stronger so we could get through it because the opponents we faced were not easy. Said the CEO of Alter Ego.

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Indeed, the heavier the opponent is, the performance will follow over time. Now Alter Ego has emerged as one of the scary teams in Southeast Asia.

Reported by ONE Esports, Delwyn admits that his team is never satisfied with everything that has been achieved. The perfect victory at MPLI is proof that the team must continue to grow from every defeat.

“I hope that Alter Ego can continue to maintain this good performance and the players are not satisfied so that they can keep flying until they penetrate the sky,” Delwyn concluded in an interview session.

CEO Alter Ego Udil
Source: RevivalTV

The match as well as the next proving ground for Udil et al. is another world-class tournament, namely M2 Worlds Singapore which brings together teams from various parts of the world such as Russia, Japan, Turkey, and so on.

Can Alter Ego be able to extend his positive record along with these line-ups?

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