Bend the Griffin, SKT Raises the 2019 LCK Summer Split Trophy!

After a dark period that haunts the team name League of Legends South Korea’s SK Telecom T1 or often called SKT in early 2019, after their dynasty was overthrown by Invictus Gaming at the 2018 Worlds championship, the team led by Faker again showed that their troops did not want to end their career journey.

With a stunning performance during the Summer Split 2019, they managed to lift the first regional trophy of the year after beating Griffin 3-1.

source: InvenGlobal

Not long after that came the Summer Split 2019. In this second tournament, SKT again showed South Korea that they are a team that cannot be underestimated even though they have fallen on the highest professional stage. League of Legends.

The final round has finally arrived, many have already guessed that this final match will be a rematch between SKT and Griffin. Their guess was correct.

During the series, SKT showed great synergy between players with various ganks that were able to kill Griffin players who were careless enough to walk alone on their own. sidelane without the slightest help. Not only that, SKT also showed their dominance in the regions jungle as well as giving map pressure which is huge on the opposing team.

The first game fully controlled by SKT, the collaboration between Clid and Faker succeeded in bringing the demon king to easy victory. The match ends with 10 kill for SKT and a big zero for Griffin, a start that really hit the Griffin players mentally.

The second game was not much different, even though Griffin showed resistance to SKT, apparently it was still not enough for them to get to the gates of victory. SKT won the match again, 2-0 to SKT.

The third match was the first and last time for Chovy’s men to shine, Khan’s lack of guard making him an easy target for Griffin. With a sizable minus score, Griffin was able to claim their first win in the series best of five this.

source: Youtube

The fourth game is the last game in split This time, SKT is back fit and showing a beautiful performance by getting a lot kill here and there which resulted in the 2019 Summer Split title as well as gaining a place in Worlds 2019.

Will they be able to reclaim the throne previously forcibly taken by Invictus Gaming?