Best Hero Marksman Hybrid Mobile Legends, Auto Die in ML

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that you can play on Android and iOS phones. This one game presents various unique heroes not only from the skills they have, but various combined roles such as the following best marksman hybrid mobile legends.

Marksman is one of the best Mobile Legends roles which is a late game specialist. The ability of the marksman hero really depends on item build and farming speed. This one hero is able to provide high damage to make the enemy do not move when the late game mobile legends arrive.

On this occasion, some of the best hybrid marksman that you can play in the Mobile Legeds game. Who are the best late game specialist hybrid marksman? The following is the review.

Best Hero Marksman Hybrid Mobile Legends

This time, the Marksman ML hero line is a combination of the two best (Hybrid) roles in the Mobile Legends game. Among them are the best in the late game, even in the early game. What heroes?


First there is the hero Lesley who is a Hybrid assassin marksman in the Mobile Legends game. Lesley has excellent camouflage abilities and pretty good immune skills.

When using camouflage Lesley is able to avoid all targeted attacks from the enemy. He seemed to disappear from the map quickly and gave a single attack with enormous damage.

Lesley’s assassin ability is very good thanks to his agility. Lesley has high movement speed and skills that make her very good at dodging enemies.

Hybrid Marksman Mobile Legends Kimmy

Kimmy is the only marksman hybrid mage hero in the Mobile Legends game. Kimmy’s ability lies in his damage attacks. The attack will increase when Kimmy gets the attack speed item build. Because Kimmy’s passive ability does change attacks speed into magic damage so that all damage will be collected from the various items he is wearing.

In addition, Kimmy is very suitable for teamfight, with the ability to attack non-stop and a fairly fast movement speed. Kimmy is perfect for being a midlaner and roaming all lanes with ease.


Next there is the Roger hero who is a Marksman hero with a fighter in Mobile Legends. This one hero has a pretty good lifesteal ability and a very painful attack.

Although classified as a marksman hero, Roger is more suitable to be played as a hero fighter. His marksman ability didn’t hurt enough when the late game arrived.

That is why. When one of the teams wears Roger, there is another player who will use a marksman so that Roger’s main role is included in the fighter and marksman only as a figure.

Yi Sun Shin

Finally, there is the Yi Sun Shin hero who is a markman hero who gets Revamp in the upcoming 17 season.

Previously, Yi Sun Shin was a marksman hero with a fighter mix, but in his latest update, Moonton turned this hero into an Assassin role with great new abilities in Mobile Legends.

The new ability he got from Revamp has not yet been released to the original server, but rumors say that this hero will become an OP with new abilities from his marksman hybrid assassin.

So that’s a review of the best marksman hybrid hero in the Mobile Legends game. Among the list of heroes above, which one is your best and your favorite? Write the answer in the comments, yes!