Between IGC 2018 and the Release of 2 Majors

Saturday afternoon (21 April 2018) at Balai Kartini, I saw Owljan (BOOM ID Manager) looking down and looking as if his girlfriend had dumped him (wkawkwklai) on the bench outside the area IGC 2018.

He also talked about the release of the 2 Major tournament qualifiers Dota 2 (MDL Changsa and ESL One Birmingham) which should also be followed by the BOOM ID team. At that time, I just nodded and listened to the story while staring at the clouds in the clouds.

Last Sunday 22 April 2018, BOOM ID back again to be the champion of one of the biggest esports tournaments in Indonesia, IGC 2018, for competition Dota 2 his. This victory was their second consecutive victory because they too were the champions Dota 2 in IGC 2017.

On the one hand, BOOM ID fans should be proud because, if last year there were still there InYourDream (who may often be mentioned as a player Dota 2 best in Indonesia), this year they can still perform consistently with a new formation.

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However, there is one obstacle that may still surround BOOM ID fans or fans Dota 2 in general, namely about the release of 2 Major competition qualifiers due to conflicting schedules.

Documentation: BOOM ID

On the one hand, adult esports fans might understand that managing time to compete in 3 different tournaments (IGC 2018, MDL Changsa, and ESL One Birmingham) at the same time is indeed difficult to ask for forgiveness (or even impossible to do).

However, we also want to provide space for BOOM ID to provide an explanation as well as ask for his opinion about IGC 2018 yesterday.

Therefore, we immediately contacted Gary Ongko Son which is Owner / CEO of BOOM ID.

Gary also told me that when the match schedule clashed occurred because they had to lose against PG.Barracx and get down to the Lower Bracket. Because of that, they have to choose to play in MDL Changsa or Lower Bracket IGC.

Documentation: Dunia Games

They also make a joint decision (including with the players) that they will let go MDL Changsa because they don’t want to disappoint the fans who have come all the way to IGC 2018.

However, back then, they were still hoping to pursue qualification for ESL One. “Play Lower Bracket IGC continue to play ESL ONE against TNC.” Said Gary.

Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication between BOOM ID and ESL. They actually had time to submit a schedule postponement to 17:00 WIB (from 16:00) due to clashes with MDL Changsa (before knowing they were withdrawing from the tournament).

Documentation: Dunia Games

At that time, the ESL committee said that the schedule would not be changed officially but they would wait until the match for MDL Changsa was over. However, when BOOM ID told ESL that they were withdrawing from MDL Changsa, BOOM ID assumed that the match against TNC was still at 17:00.

Even though they had tried to ask the ESL committee from 15:00 about the match schedule, they received a new response around 16:30 and immediately said that they would be disqualified for being late.

Their reason was, because BOOM ID was released from MDL Changsa, the match against TNC was again changed to 16:00. At that time, the 2018 IGC Lower Bracket match against the Juggernaut was in time drafting.

Documentation: Dunia Games

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All of us, I am sure including our friends from BOOM ID, are also disappointed by this incident. However, rather than dragging on feeling sorry for himself and looking for a scapegoat, Gary also took lessons from this chaotic schedule.

“We learned that in the future 3 tournaments might be too many, especially if the LAN schedule cannot be contested. We also will always be in the future double check schedule so that miscoms like this don’t happen again. “

Then, what was Gary’s impression and message to IGC 2018 yesterday?

Production valuethe schedule is good, Saturday is not good, (and) Sunday is pretty perfect. For next year, we hope that the schedule does not clash together qualifier abroad so that the Indonesian team does not have to choose / go through what we go through. Maybe PC backup also possible because there are several delay caused by his PC error. ” Said Gary.

What about the future targets after IGC 2018?

“In the meantime, we will probably focus on TI8 because there are no Minor / Major. If WCA keep going, we might as well play there. And, if there is a sequel IPGL, we will focus on that too. ” Close this CEO BOOM ID.

Photo by: Muhammad Thirafi Sidha / RevivalTV

I agree with Gary. Hopefully, this story can be a maturing process for all parties in esports.

Good for the fans (because competing and scheduling matches is not as easy as the craze above keyboard in social networks), for Event Organizer, and for existing esports teams, hopefully we can all be more mature and mature in the future because we all have one common goal: to create a dignified ecosystem and esports industry in Indonesia.