Bigetron Esports AoV Breaks Formation, Caster Becomes a Player

ASL has indeed ended and leaves a sweet story for the winning team and new lessons for the losing team. All the teams that follow ASL certainly do not stay silent to mourn their defeat.

After the ASL title, many teams overhauled formations to get dream team. One of them is Bigetron Esports. Bigetron Esport is one of the 6 teams to win team invitational in the Indonesia Game Tour 2018 which will be held on 7-8 July 2018

Reportedly Bigetron had overhauled their formation after ASL ended. Starting from Teemola which declares the pension to be player but will still plunge in pro scene as a coach.

The latest news is also one DS Laner from the Bigetron Esports team. Bintang or better known as Binx officially left the team.

But it doesn’t have to be long to wait to find the vacancy of this player. Bigetron Esports himself already got a replacement for Teemola. From their Facebook page, Bigetron Esports announced that Noia who will play in the Observer position.

Noia himself has played on quite a lot pro scene AoV by playing in teams Tryhard E-sports but brilliant results have not been obtained in his old team. In fact, Noia herself is famous as shoutcaster because in several matches AoV. Noia often appears as analyst and one of them at the party the grand final ASL game 2 between EVOS.AOV vs. GGWP.ID.

Let’s pray Teemola, Noia, and Bigetron Esports the more successful in the future. We also pray for Binx good luck in the new team later.

Edited by Jabez Elijah