Bigetron Esports Represent AoV Indonesia in the 2018 PVP Esports Championship!

Besides BOOM.ID, there is still one Indonesian team that will take part in the 2018 PVP Esports Championship. They are Bigetron Esports which is Indonesia’s representative for the branch Arena of Valor (AoV).

Arena of Valor Bigetron Esports. Documentation: Dunia Games

Just like BOOM ID, Bigetron Esports won the 2018 Indonesia Games Championship after defeating Rex Regum Qeon.Nova in the grand final round.

Not only Bigetron Esports, there are also teams from abroad that will compete. They are MaxBox Gaming from the Philippines, Resurgence from Malaysia, Tamago from Singapore, Alpha X from Thailand, and ExDee Gaming from India.

Unlike Bigetron Esports, these five teams went through qualifications held by each country. Apart from that, there are still two other teams who get it direct invite. They are FlipSid3 Tactics representing the North American region and Monster Shield from Taiwan.

Source: Bigetron Esports Fanpage

Here are the players Arena of Valor from Bigetron Esports now:

  • Stewart “Teemola“Thiolammon
  • Bayu “Bay“Purwito Armin
  • Gilang “FallDwi Fallah
  • Do “Minky“Duc Minh
  • Steven “Age“Andreas Gunawan

After winning IGC 2018, Teemola and friends have to settle for reaching third place in ASL Season 1 after being defeated by GGWP.ID.

After the tournament, substitutions occurred by turning Teemola into a coach and a star. “Binx“Karel, who was still a Bigetron Esports player, decided to leave the team.

Source: Bigetron Esports Fanpage

They finally included David “Noia“Ryan and Alfi”Viszx“Afif is a new player at Bigetron. But finally Noia decided to leave because she wanted to focus on S2. They finally put Rizki in “A6“As his successor and Christopher”Vicious” as a backup.

But A6 finally decided to leave because he wanted to focus on studying and was replaced with Vicious. Substitution of players occurred even Vicious and Viszx decided to leave the team.

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“Due to time constraints and fear gambling looking for a finished player management I decided to play again.

And because of limitations talent finally Minky who is also a player LoL who are really interested in AoV told to be competitive AoV only. Because League of Legends scene in Indonesia it is no longer promising, ”Teemola said during an interview.

Source: Bigetron Esports Fanpage

For those who don’t know, Minky is a Vietnamese player who has joined the Bigetron division LoL since December 2018. Minky has successfully led Bigetron to become the champion of LGS 2018 and qualify for main event Globe Conqueror Manila 2018.

According to Teemola, Binx’s exit, which also helped Bigetron win IGC 2018, had a lot of influence. “From gameplay But it has changed a lot because when Binx was still at Bigetron, he was also one of them shoutcaller There are also many adaptations that must be done, ”Teemola concluded.

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He is also optimistic about Minky, who has just started playing AoV a month. “Now skill already standard ASL Dark Slayer, you could say. I’m really optimistic that in the future Minky can become best DS is in Indonesia, ”he said.

Not to forget, Teemola gave a message to Bigetron Esports fans. “Just keep on supporting it even though our performance at ASL is not satisfactory.

But with the time lag now until PVP Esports starts, we will tryhard desperately to be proud of the name of Indonesia, “concluded the player optimistically.

The 2018 PVP Esports Championship will be held at the Suntec Convention Center, Singapore on 5-7 October 2018. Apart from AoV, the event initiated by Singtel also brings the team Dota 2 world level, such as PSG.LGD, Team Secret and Fnatic.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda