Black Horse Ready to Bring Surprise

For fans CS: GO, who doesn’t know with TEAMnxl>. Currently they are expanding not only in CS: GO only but also in other branches, one of which is Arena of Valor which just released roosterearly October 2018.

According to the explanation on the fanpage, they opened a division AoV because the game potential is very large and has been competing with other games.

Add more, AOV was chosen to be one demonstration games at the 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta.

Not only are there many casual tournaments, AoV also has a national scale tournament that will continue to the international level which makes TEAMnxl> interested in creating a team.

Source: TEAMnxl>

Following AoV roster player from TEAMnxl>:

  • Faisal “FeiLFajrin (Midlaner)
  • Viqi “ViqiSuhendra (Jungler)
  • Christopher “Vicious(Abbysal Laner)
  • Herdiansyah “eLuNe(Observer)
  • Rexy “Seventh Blue (DS Laner)

They are recruiting Team Toxic which eventually became their extended family. This selection is certainly different from other teams that choose to recruit well-known players.

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Reporting from the TEAMnxl> page, their selection was because they had become dark horses in various tournaments AoV in Indonesia and have proven their capacity.

Their debut on the scene AoV walked sweetly by winning the top 4 at SEACA 2018. Vicious and his friends managed to qualify for ANC 2018 after becoming champions online qualifier.

Source: TEAMnxl> Fanpage

Continue in the group stage, Vicious and his friends joined in group A. Successfully winning the standings, they managed to continue to the next round and faced off against Hertz x Loa Esports.

After defeating the team, they finally qualified for the grand final of ANC 2018 after defeating SFI eSports with a score of 2-0.

Daniel, Operation Manager TEAMnxl> admitted that his team will definitely give the best for ANC 2018. “The training is also increased because the other 3 teams that have successfully passed the ANC are certainly strong teams too,” he said.

“For sure we can become first place in the ANC 2018 and give the best performance at the tournament and hopefully there will be no technical problems that can interfere with the running of the tournament, for example connection problems, “he said.

TEAMnxl> along with three other teams will fight each other at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung on November 10, 2018. Not only the 2018 ANC grand final, but also the Princess Cup final.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda