Blibli Esports Championship 2019 Comes to Jakarta State University, No Less Hot than Other Campuses!

After previously being successfully held at Bunda Mulia University, the inter-campus esports tournament held by Blibli, Blibli Esports Championship 2019, finally held back. This time at the Jakarta State University, which is located in East Jakarta.

BliBli Esports Championship 2019 1
Blibli Esports Championship 2019

Similar to previous campuses, the 2019 Blibli Esports Championship at Jakarta State University will also compete with three games that are very popular in Indonesia, namely Arena of Valor, Dota 2, and PUBG Mobile.

Blibli Esports Championship 2019

Even though it is known by the wider community as an Education Campus that produces many professional teaching staff, it turns out that Jakarta State University also has a number of talented players who have the potential to become professional esports players in the future. This is evident from the competitive atmosphere of Jakarta State University which is no less hot than other campuses.

Apart from esports tournaments, Blibli Esports Championship 2019 at Jakarta State University also holds a talent search event for students who want to become commentators or what is commonly called Shoutcaster in esports tournaments.

In order not to be curious, you can re-watch the excitement of the 2019 Blibli Esports Championship at the Jakarta State University via the video below.

The following are the winners of the 2019 Blibli Esports Championship:

Arena of Valor

  • 1st Winner: Revenger
  • 2nd Winner: Solidarity AOV
  • 3rd Winner: Gabut Crew
  • 4th Place: Physicist

Dota 2

  • 1st Winner: Esport UNJ
  • 2nd Winner: Green Jacket
  • 3rd Place: Degenerated Gaming
  • 4th Place: Team Pepehands

PUBG Mobile

  • 1st Winner: Delka 19
  • 2nd place: Toxix
  • 3rd place: UNJAY
  • 4th place: Aerovero X

Shoutcaster Got Talent Winner

Campus Ambassador Winner

  • Alma Asyifa Azzahra
  • Rayhandhika Renarand
Blibli Esports Championship 2019

The 2019 Blibli Esports Championship will continue to be held, and will still be present on the Jabodetabek campuses. So, stay tuned for RevivalTV to keep up with the excitement of this tournament.

You can also visit the official Blibli website to get more information regarding the 2019 Blibli Esports Championship.