Blizzard Tries To Solve The Problem Of Report Abuse

Blizzard has long been aware of several problems Hero that are considered unpopular, or picks that can be considered troll picks by several players. So what happens when you have a system that should be in place for reporting griefers, abusive comments, or other unproductive players?

it will be misused, said one of the posts on Battle Net:

Blizzard, you need to improve your reporting system.

I am sick of people reporting me to play with unpopular heroes (Sym) in QP and Competitive and these reports resulted in my account being hit silence.

This is the definition of harassment and abuse of players to play Hero that you have included in the game.

Players are abusing the system Report during system Report there are still players who are considered no better, just click a button Report and make other people feel like they’re going to get into trouble. There is a reason for doing “Report “ to be a meme at a lot online multiplayer game.

The good news is, Blizzard improved filtering system for incoming bad reports that do not involve innocent players and do not end in chatter silence.

“We are actively working on this issue right now,” said Jeff Kaplan, game director Overwatch this. “It will take some time for all the changes we want to implement to patch 1.5.
You will begin to see the start of the change to the reporting system. Further changes will come in the next patch. “

While fixing some time to fully implement it, it is good for you to know that we are now working to solve the problem.

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