BnTeT Officially Contents CS: GO Team Gen.G Roster!

Some time ago the author uploaded an article regarding a report from one of the famous journalists CS: GO, Jarek “DeKayLewis who reported the news that one of the players CS: GO an Indonesian born who is currently playing in the TYLOO team, namely Hansel “BnTeT“Ferdinand is being targeted by a large South Korean based team, Gen.G.

For several days there was no official news from Gen.G, TYLOO, or BnTeT itself. But after days without news, finally Gen.G opened his voice by announcing the arrival of BnTeT from TYLOO to strengthen the Gen.G team which will compete in the United States in the near future.

The presence of BnTeT in Gen.G will complement the star-studded roster which was originally filled with only 4 players with 1 stand-in now complete with 5 players under the Gen.G contract.

It’s not just complementary rooster Gen.G alone, with a tenure with TYLOO in China for more than 3 years, the joining of BnTeT in Gen.G will be a new sheet for the player who is about to start his first career in the United States.

source: Liquipedia

During his time at TYLOO, BnTeT was a key player in the team’s victories during his many years of career, was he able to become the same key player or even better with many star players by his side? Before meeting his new teammates in the United States, we must wait for BnTeT to finish playing in the IEM Asia qualifiers.

Welcome to Gen.G, BnTeT!