Bolt Action vs DMR, Who is the Best Sniper in PUBG Mobile?

Bolt Action vs DMR, Who is the Best Sniper in PUBG Mobile? PUBG Mobile offers a variety of weapons for players. These weapons are divided into several types such as SMG, LMG, DMR, Bolt Action Rifles, and so on. Each of these types of weapons has its own advantages and disadvantages, for example the SMG can be very deadly in short-range combat.

However, there is a lot of talk in the PUBG Mobile community about the best sniper between Bolt Action vs DMR. On this occasion, Spin Esports will discuss which one is the best.

DMR has a higher fire rate than sniper rifles but has a lower fire rate than AR. These weapons can deal a lethal blow to an enemy if fired with accuracy. Below is a list of all available DMRs with their ammunition types:

source: GCube.ID

MK14 – 7.62mm

SLR – 7.62mm

SKS – 7.62mm

QBU – 5.56mm

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Mini14 – 5.56mm

VSS – 9mm

Bolt-Action Rifles or Sniper rifles are best suited for long-range combat. They can injure the enemy with a single shot. However, accuracy is very important because this weapon has a longer reload time compared to other weapons.

Here is a list of all Sniper rifles with their ammo types:

AWM – .300 magnum

M24 – 7.62mm

Kar98K – 7.62mm

Win94 – .45 ACP

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source: GCube.ID

The two types of weapons have different uses. It all depends on the playing style of the players and how they use weapons in PUBG Mobile.

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Some players may prefer DMR on PUBG Mobile, while others prefer Bolt Action. But many PUBG Mobile players choose DMR because they only need 4-5 shots to knock on the enemy. The semi-automatic DMR mode is very useful because it can be used to hit moving targets.

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