BOOM.ID Enters Vainglory Esports Realm by Acquiring T30R

It seems that now the realm of mobile esports is growing, especially the game Vainglory which is often referred to as the number 1 mobile esports in the world. How not, in the North America or Europe region, there are already many pro organizations that have entered Vainglory, for example, Team Secret, Fnatic, TSM, Cloud9, mousesports, and many more.

And now in Indonesia we also have a presence BOOM.ID, one of the most famous esports organizations for their Dota 2 players, namely inYourdream, has just entered the competitive world of MOBA Vainglory by acquiring T30 Revolution.

On the T30R Player which has now been acquired by BOOM.ID

The name T30 Revolution in the Vainglory Indonesia competition is familiar, they have often won online and offline tournaments, most recently being the first winner of the Saudara esports cup in Bali and also the 1st winner of the 2017 Vainglory Indonesia Games Championship (IGC) at Balai Kartini Jakarta . In addition, the roster of Vainglory BOOM.ID players is arguably very strong sobadverybad and painsandi is now in the Vainglorious (10) Gold rank, the highest rank that can be achieved in Vainglory.

Valesca The only female player who also doubles as a manager for the BOOM.ID team Vainglory feels very happy after being acquired by BOOM.ID.

“I am happy because the team counts as big as Boom. I have acknowledged that the Vainglory game has been made into its division. I hope that Vainglory Indonesia esports will continue to grow and many other esports teams are also willing to join in opening the Vainglory division.” Clear Valeria ‘Valesca‘Huang.

(Two left): Valesca, sobadverybad, herrboy (Manager T30R), painsandi, and Nuchunter. T30R players when they won at IGC Jakarta. (Source: FB / T30Revo).

Well, with this new home, they are certainly getting ready to become number 1 in Indonesia, maybe more than that by becoming the number 1 team in Southeast Asia like Elite 8 Esports, their partner country, who previously won 1st place in SEA and qualified for Vaingory World. Championship later this year.

The following is the BOOM.ID Vainglory line-up:
Muhammad ‘NucHunter’ (player)
Sandy ‘painsandi’ Tjandra (player)
Daniel ‘sobadverybad’ Gunawan (player)
Valeria ‘Valesca’ Huang (player & manager)