BOOM ID Grabs Tickets for Closed Qualifiers StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 5

Tense and dramatic, that’s how our beloved team struggles, BOOM ID to be able to pass to closed qualifiers from StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 5. In the two days of the qualifying round, only BOOM ID passed to the second day and started the steps in the semifinals before finally winning in the final.

The first day, BOOM ID doesn’t seem to have encountered any significant difficulties. There was no fierce resistance from his opponents. As for Signify, their opponents on the first day are a team that is quite a force in SEA. But BOOM ID won 1-0 over Signify.

Entering the second day, then BOOM ID readiness is tested. In the semifinals, SEA’s new strength, Team Admiral, is ready to tackle the efforts of Dreamocel et al. Evidently, Team Admiral managed to bring the game to 1-1, before finally Dreamocel’s heroic action brought BOOM.ID to the final with a final score of 2-1.

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Execration also awaits in the final after the team from the Philippines previously defeated the new TnC team led by 1437, namely TnC Tigers, with a score of 2-0. Whereas previously, TnC Tigers defeated another Indonesian representative, namely The Prime.NND in the quarter-finals.

The final stage itself is considered lame. The team with the wolf logo looks like they don’t find it difficult to fight Execration. In fact, they managed to get a score of 2-0.

For those of you who are left behind, you can immediately watch the RevivaLTV video stream below.

With this result, of course we hope the Wolves will do well in closed qualifiers.

Manager’s Comments

Contacted via Facebook, Brando Oloan as the manager expressed his happiness. “For me, I’m really happy to be able to pass the closed qualifier again, especially when yesterday’s performance was just right open qualifierit’s good, “he said.

“The point is, Khezcute was right! Hehehe. SI hope the game will be better than yesterday when you play against Fnatic. Amen, “he said.

Schedule closed qualifiers

Getting the 1 o’clock schedule last night, BOOM ID is required to maintain its best performance. Because today (12/3), they will meet Fnatic directly. In addition, there were 2 other competitors who competed, namely the TNC Pro Team and Mineski.

The entire match uses the BO3 format. Focus, of course, this must be fully guarded by BOOM ID.

Don’t forget to watch BOOM ID’s struggle this afternoon only on the YouTube channel RevivaLTV.

Edited by Jabez Elijah