BOOM ID Recruit Guardian Force Forms Point Blank Division

BOOM ID maybe it is ferociously spreading its wings. If last March 2018 they added 2 divisions at once, namely Hearthstone and Fifa Online, at the beginning of May 2018, they again created a new division, Point Blank.

Unmitigated, BOOM ID recruited one of the top teams in the competitive arena Point Blank Indonesia, Guardian Force.

In its official announcement, BOOM ID also said that apart from joining the team, it had also undergone a slight overhaul of its player lines. Accordingly, here is a list of the players who entered the division Point Blank for BOOM ID:

-Michael “SEVERiNE” Winata
-Benny “Hadezz” Susanto
-Azmi “mystique” Kamil Abdullah
-Nanda “dabs2k” Syahputra
-Raven “rXyne” William

Prior to joining BOOM ID, the Guardian Force itself has pocketed a myriad of achievements that are too many to list all of them here. You can see the complete list on their previous Facebook Fanpage.

Gary (in black shirt). Image Credit: My world

Gary Ongko Putera, CEO / Owner of BOOM ID commented on this acquisition.

“We have always wanted to find a team PB and indeed it has been a long time talking with Ucil (SEVERINE), maybe he wants to work together because he has known 10 years and used to be his teammates. Soon (also) there will be several prestigious tournaments PB so want to join scene-his.” Gary’s story.

Marzarian Ojan Sahita, Manager BOOM ID, also gave the reasons for choosing this team.

GF has extraordinary potential and achievements. And of course they have a vision about achievement as a top priority. ” He said.

However, a new question arose in my head. If a Guardian Force class team at PB must be acquired by another organization, how exactly prospects Point Blank alone?

Image Courtesy: Garena Indonesia

Owljan explained, “It cannot be denied, even though it has been running for several years, Point Blank shows that the charmers and players are loyal players. Evident from event those who walk are always full of those who have the enthusiasm to support them, not just coming hehe…

Owljan’s answer made sense. Especially if you see Garena as publisherhe is still very active in working on competitive esports events for Point Blank.

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Even Point Blank is the most active game in its esports compared to other PC games released by Garena in Indonesia (remembering some time ago, Garena eliminated the league system in Southeast Asia for LoL).

If the game and the esports scene PB still doing well, it could be that this acquisition has something to do with leaving Armario “taLenT” Falentino, who is the frontman (and former Director) of the Guardian Force, to Rex Regum Qeon.

However, this prediction may only be an analysis inconsequential me alone wkawkwak… Because I haven’t had the chance to ask about the relevance of taLenT’s departure to the parties concerned.

Apart from that, let’s just pray for division Point Blank from the new BOOM ID, they can still continue their previous glorious achievements.

Image Courtesy: Guardian Force

With this new division too, BOOM ID is now the Indonesian esports organization with the most divisions. We wish you more success (plus maybe you can get more sponsors)! hahaha …