BOOT-dream[S]tired Advance to the Main Event DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017, Recca Dim

BOOT-dream[S]tired This Chinese organization of all Singaporean players will leave for Malmo, Sweden after a shock defeat Tyloo which is strengthened by BnTeT in the final DreamHack Masters Malmo Asia Qualifier 2017 with a score of 2-1.

Cobblestone which is the first map going tough however Dreamscape conquered Tyloo 16-11.

In the 2nd map, Overpass Tyloo who did not want to be easily embarrassed managed to win a landslide with a score of 16-6 and forced to play the 3rd map, Train.

Enter the 3rd map this time by surprise Tyloo are already very far behind 12-3 in first half, even though they won 5 consecutive rounds, they still couldn’t stop the game from the Singaporean team.

Actually there is a team from Indonesia, Recca Esports who made it into the Asian qualifiers but they were unable to do much after losing 0-2 to a team from China, Vici Gaming.

With this result BOOT-dream[S]tired will leave for Malmo, Sweden at the end of August and compete in Malmo Arena to compete for a total prize pool of $ 250,000 USD (around 3.3 billion rupiah) and the title DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017.

BOOT-dream[S]cape Line-up :

Singapore Anthony “ImpressioNLim (Captain)
Singapore Benedict “benkai“Tan
Singapore Nevin “splashske“Aw
Singapore Benjamin “moxie“Kou
Singapore I ordered “Tommy“Ramani

Sweden Harley “dsnOrwall (coach)