[Breaking News] WESG Hotel Accommodations Like in Horror Movies, The Players Are Very Disappointed

Event 2017 WESG Grand Final which will be held on March 13-18 2018 received a lot of complaints and disappointments from the players even though it hasn’t started yet.

This is because the hotel accommodation provided by the WESG committee is not suitable to provide comfort for the 500 players who are ready to compete in the event.

Kyle ‘Ocean’ Obrien from the team subtLe Canadian origin expressed his disappointment through his Twitter account. He said that there was mold in his hotel room, no hot water, and not even running water for more than 4 hours.

Artur “Nerchio” Bloch who will compete in the branch Starcraft 2 at WESG 2017 also expressed his disappointment, while showing the hotel hallways as often found in horror films.

We also contacted several representatives from Indonesia at the event because we had 3 representatives there, namely Recca Esports for CS: GO, Nexok40 from BOOM ID for Hearthstone, and EVOS Esports for Dota 2.

EVOS Esports also confirmed the news, but they are still waiting for coordination with the committee there to find the best solution.

Reportedly, according to the information we received, the hotel that was originally provided by WESG was not the hotel that is now. However, due to the cancellation, the cause of which was unknown, WESG had to find an alternative hotel that could accommodate 500 players.

WESG also has known complaints from its players and they are trying their best to find the best solution.

Hopefully, this problem will be resolved quickly. Let’s just pray that nothing happens to our players there because of this problem (whether they are sick from lack of rest or something) and that they can play at their best.