Breaking the Curse, OG Wins The International 8 Title Defeating PSG.LGD

Title The International 8 has entered its peak day, where the 3 best teams are left, namely Evil Geniuses, PSG.LGD and OG. These three teams are teams that have beaten other strong opponents.

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Team Liquid itself is the defending champion with Newbee as runner-up. But apparently they were knocked out by teams like EG and Winstrike. The presence of Evil Geniuses can also stop in the hands of the PSG.LGD fleet.

Towards the final match, the Rogers Arena stage is apparently ready to present the battle between the 2 best teams in The International 8. They are the OG of upper bracket against PSG.LGD which they got rid of.

The results were no less surprising, PSG.LGD and OG presented 5 matches. Unlike TI7, who immediately crowned Team Liquid with a score of 3-0 without reply against Newbee, the representative of China.

TI8 final match between OG and PSG.LGD. Source: Valve

The West team and the East team are indeed a curse, where every event of The International always presents champions from both camps. However OG appeared to break the curse on the stage of The International 8.

OG alone can lead the course of the match in the opening event, where the Specters are from ana with his unbeaten record successfully brought OG first points. Then, PSG.LGD replied in the second game with the beautiful game Earth Shaker owned Fy.

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Fy himself has an unbeaten record using an Earth Shaker during The International 8. Victory continues for PSG.LGD with a combo of Alchemist, Phoenix and Brewmaster.

The score that was benefited by the PSG.LGD team was able to make the hope of winning and the curse of TI seemed to continue. But it turns out that the game has only just begun, Topson with his successful Invoker to break the dominance of PSG.LGD.

It took at least 65 minutes to level the score for OG, when Morphling off Ame was successfully captured by Ax’s initiation from Ceb. At its peak, the score of 49-58 was able to become an arena comeback inaugural of OG in the final.

Score 2-2 for OG and PSG.LGD in the final. Source: Valve

Towards the decisive match, PSG.LGD and OG both appeared insistent. PSG.LGD itself led the match up to mid game. Yet Ember Spirit from ana change the tempo of the match and bring the advantage to OG.

The Australian citizen successfully presented the Aegis trophy to OG. The International 8 also became the first title from OG and they succeeded in bringing it prizepool fantastic worth US $ 11,210,380.

og the international 8
OG won the The International 8 event against PSG.LGD. Source: Valve

The curse of the Chinese team and the Western team was successfully broken, but there is still no winner of the Aegis trophy twice. But it seems that the record is there to be broken and OG who won TI8 is one proof of this.

The trophy line from the tournament made by Valve. Source: OG Twitter

With this incision also Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, the OG captain has successfully completed his trophy cabinet with a distinctive trophy item Dota 2. OG’s journey also deserves appreciation and this victory also closes the event of The International 8. #DreamOG