[BREAKINGNEWS] Execration Cannot Follow Boston Major

RevivaL TV editorial team got some unexpected news that happened a few days before the Boston Major arrived. Coming from the Philippines, where one of the teams that is building a success, Execration, seems to have to accept the harsh reality that they can’t come to Boston later. What is the problem?

Visa. Yes, returning visas became a problem after LGD.FY and IG.V who also experienced it but received relief from Valve to replace players who did not get their visas. Now, Execration is different, they have practically no replacements for players who can’t secure their visas on time. And practically, given the time available, it will be difficult for them to take care of new documents, completing all the things they might have been lacking before.

This was immediately expressed by Kim0, as one of the Execration players, of course we are sure that this news is true. Here is a direct post from Kim0 on his personal Facebook account:

And with this, after trying several options, it was finally decided that LGD would replace Execration in Boston major later. Sad story happens. And as one of the sources from Execration said, they have prepared for the worst for this and in the last few days they have focused on ESL One Genting 2017, this January.

So, how are you guys with this news? It will add to the sorrow of course for those of us who want to watch the SEA team at the Boston Major later. Practically, SEA only has Faceless and WG.Unity later. And hopefully, in a few days, we won’t have any more bad news about the 2016 Boston Major.

Keep strong, Execration!