Broadcast Starladder i-League Invitational # 3, Many Twitch Accounts Get Banned

The sad news for the urban world came yesterday. At the start of the DOTA 2 season, the Starladder i-League Invitational # 3 became the first tournament to kick off the season. Having status as one of the minor class tournaments, of course this one tournament is awaited by many fans of DOTA 2. Plus the presence of world-class teams including Team Liquid, the champion of The International 2017 yesterday, definitely adds to the excitement of the beginning of this season.

Unfortunately, this hype is a bit tarnished by the decisions of the many Twitch accounts that stream this tournament. In fact, in the past things like this were not a problem.

When it comes to permissions, there is really no permission because most of the accounts that stream this also rely on DotaTV. A bad thing, of course, is when a team of caster or streamer usually tries to cast but without permission.

But is it a must to ban many actors who in fact were not given advance warning?

In addition, this ban is also not known whether it will be permanent or later the perpetrators can appeal to restore their Twitch account or not. To make matters worse, many of the accounts that have been banned are large accounts with an unruly number of followers.

One of them is BananaSlamJamma. A streamer who is quite famous for his eccentric acts and quite a lot of fans, tried to cast a game yesterday. However, before long, his account was banned.

Apart from that, caster teams that did not have official licenses such as ShapiraTV from Germany, FroggedTV from France, and 23Creative from Vietnam also had to collapse. Uniquely, these three names were caster teams that had become official broadcaster for The International 2017 ago.

What’s wrong here? Is it true that Valve forbids cast from DotaTV now in this new season or is it purely the act of Twitch itself? Plus the tires are given indiscriminately, both big and small accounts.

For the Indonesian stream itself, broadcasting rights are held by MineskiTV Indonesia. But what is unique is that Starladder has even provided a separate channel for MineskiTV Indonesia to stream. So, they were cast not using MineskiTV Indonesia’s Twitch. You can click on this link to watch their stream.

What about YouTube? It’s the same. It is reported that Supreme League, which broadcasts on its YouTube channel, was hit by a ban and it is not known whether the ban required the Supreme League to go through a “sentence” ban from streaming for 3 months.

What about RevivaLTV itself? We really wanted to broadcast this one tournament and bring the hype to loyal RevivaLTV viewers, but several considerations such as the copyright factor made RevivaLTV discourage yesterday on the first day. And it is proven, copyright seems to be a scourge for current DOTA 2 streamers and casters.

Will streaming using DotaTV become haraam in the future after this case? On Reddit itself, many complaints led to this case. It is not known who has the greatest power over this tire action. Both Valve, Twitch and Starladder are still silent. But the community seems to blame Twitch for this action.

If Twitch is the mastermind behind everything, then why is streaming on YouTube also taking its toll? For your information, Valve actually won’t ban because streaming via DotaTV is allowed. It is possible that Starladder made the wrong copyright claim. Indeed, Starladder owns copyrights for observers, casters and other content, but for the games itself, it is lawful to broadcast them using DotaTV.

For the Starladder i-League Invitational # 3 schedule itself, you can see it here.