BTS Summer Cup Presents Top Dota 2 Regional CIS and Europe Team!

Maybe some of you miss the team matches enough Dota 2 after the qualifying mat of The International 8. Take it easy, BeyondTheSummit presents one of the competitions to fill the void in the match Dota 2 before the main event of The International 8.

This event was presented by BeyondTheSummit with the title BTS Summer Cup. This event brings teams Dota 2 from the European region and the CIS to contend for slots in main event DOTA Summit 9 which will take place in Los Angeles, California, United States.

DOTA Summit 9. Source: BTS

The event that took place on line which will be enlivened by around 14 teams from related regions. Several teams with more time will be invited to compete in the event made by BeyondTheSummit

The unique match format is also an added value for those of you who watch this event. The 14 invited teams will be divided into two halves, where the first 8 teams will play on best-of-three with double elimination bracket.

BTS Summer Cup. Source: BTS

The two teams that qualify for the first phase will compete in the second phase with a format best-of-three double elimination group. The top 2 teams in each group will advance to the third phase, where they will be contested again in the Bo3 format double elimnation bracket.

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The winner of this event will get the first ticket to play directly at the DOTA Summit 9 event. This event will take place in July 2018, however, BeyondTheSummit has not yet announced the date of the event in detail.

Here are the team ranks Dota 2 who received an invitation to the BTS Summer Cup:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

BTS Summer Cup poster. Source: BTS

The BTS Summer Cup match itself will take place today (29 June 2018) until 9 July 2018. It has not been announced which team will compete other than the champion in the event that uses the format on line the.

However, the presence of the DOTA Summit 9 in July 2018 is also a concern for the teams that will compete. This event is able to become a ‘warm-up’ for the ranks of the team who have confirmed their place in the title of The International 8.

The new Alliance team with Loda (second from left). Source: LodaBerg Twitter

In addition, several big-name teams such as Alliance and Team Empire also participated in the event. For those of you who want to spoil your eyes with team battles Dota 2, you can watch the action of your favorite team on the Twitch BeyondTheSummit channel at the following link.