[BUG] Shadow Demon Octarine Core, DOTA 2 Crash

DOTA 2 was caught again bugs. Hero who is on the rise, Shadow Demon turns out to have bugs when combined with Octarine Core.

Skill Disruption belongs to Shadown Demon which has cooldown 18 seconds at level 4 will be 13.5 seconds with Octarine Core, while the duration of the illusion is 14 seconds. This makes DotA crash.

The video can be checked below:

This was first reported by Fogged. As we all know, Fogged is an ex pro player who’ve defended big teams like Evil Geniuses as well as Team Diginitas. He currently focuses as an analyst.

It is not yet known if this is indeed bugs from DOTA 2 or it’s just a coincidence that Fogged’s computer is experiencing crash, what is clear you can try this on demo hero. Or if you have the guts, you can try it on matchmaking.