Build Balmond in Mobile Legends by the Latest RRQ R7 Meta 2020!

Here we will provide information about the build balmond of Mobile Legends ala RRQ R7 which is considered the latest meta 2020. At the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational (MPLI) 4 Nation Cup tournament. RRQ scored 3-0 against Resurgence team from Malaysia / Singapore. One of the teams from RRQ uses the Balmond hero who plays as a Fighter, his build item is also quite good and you can try it later when playing Balmond. Even though Balmond himself is a hero who is rarely used, but when RRQ used him it turned out to be an extraordinary reply.

Hero Balmond itself has pretty good skills to become a Tank. This underated hero is rarely used, even though he has strong skills to try. Balmond is a heto tank / fighter that can withstand youthful attacks and skills that can kill enemies easily.

His skills are quite simple and can be countered easily. However, why was the RRQ team able to use this hero in such an OP ?. You can try the build item which is very clear in its use. Very strong and you can count on even as a fighter.

Build Balmond Mobile Legends RRQ R7

This is the current build for Balmond Mobile Legends RRQ R7:

Warrior Boots

Warrior boots are items that can increase your stack defense when hit. This item can be used as an additional defense in receiving enemy damage. Because Balmond is a Tank / Fighter, this item makes it difficult to conquer.

Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet is an item that can provide DPS magic around item users. You can use this item to clear the lane quickly and cause additional damage to the enemy. Because, Balmond can approach the enemy quickly, making him a strong tank.

Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax is an item that can give vamp skills to your skills. With this item, Balmond becomes even more difficult to kill. With his ultimate burst, Balmond gets a lot of heal if he hits many targets.

Queen’s Wings

This one item can provide survivability against Balmond. With this item, Balmond will be more difficult to kill, because if his blood drops a few percent, he will get a high damage reduction and lifesteal.

Berseker’s Fury

Damage item that can increase Balmond damage. With this item, Balmond can launch a critical hit as additional damage to enemies.


This item can keep Balmond alive. With the Ressurect of this item skill, you can come back to life and return to battle again.

Balmond’s New Meta?

How to use and build Balmond RRQ R7 mobile legends is also not arbitrary. This is because his escape skill is limited and his skills are quite difficult to direct. If you don’t understand using Balmond, maybe trying the item build is a bit difficult.

In the MPLI 4 Nation Cup, RRQ used this Balmond hero not only once. The team used Balmond up to 2 times, namely against EVOS Legends and Resurgence. Maybe because they didn’t expect to use Balmond that made the team confused. It turns out that it is a good way to play and build items that can improve Balmond’s performance well.

Here we will list the Build Balmond Mobile Legends RRQ R7. The build items are quite simple and can be understood well. Even if you try the build, you also have to play properly. Because, without skill, this build item is just a display.

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That’s the RRQ R7 Balmond Mobile Legends Build that you can try later. Because Balmond himself is a tank hero, most of his items are deffensive. However, you can still try the following build items when playing Balmond with your friends.

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