Building an esports ecosystem, the Korean government is ready to convict jockeys!

Who doesn’t know South Korea? This country, which is thick with esports nuances, is indeed a leading country. Apart from China, South Korea has successfully netted thousands of competitions with championship titles.

In fact, South Korea continues to be the winner of the Starcraft II World Championships, 20 years more to be precise. This record was broken by players from Finland, Serral.

The 5 biggest esports countries
South Korea wins Overwatch World Cup 2017. Source: Blizzard Entertainment

But this fact shows that South Korea has dominated the esports industry for 20 years when other countries still haven’t mastered it. So it is not surprising that this country is also getting more advanced in its political lines.

Recently, the South Korean government created a legal umbrella in the field of esports. This law makes jockeys have to receive punishment if they are reckless to do so boosting on South Korean soil.

Jockey or boosting itself is an activity that allows low-level accounts to reach high levels. Usually it takes a reliable player to be able to reach a high level.

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As a result, players who have lower levels pay a certain amount of money to reach higher levels. Of course this hurts the system ranking in a game.

In South Korea, jockey has become an industry. Even two former players Overwatch, Sado and OGE was sanctioned for being caught red-handed jockeying. Under the new law, they could be fined as much as US $ 18,000 or about ₩ 20,000.

Source: Dallas Fuel Twitter

In addition to fines, players caught red-handed will be given a maximum prison sentence of two years. This law was proposed by the representative of the Bareunmirae party, namely Lee Dong-sup, he also stated the reason.

“Many of the popular games are suffering as professional game dealer companies. This is a bad thing that can hurt the esports ecosystem and of course the players casual.

But now the law has been amended and will help create a healthier esports ecosystem. ” Cover Lee-Dong soup.

jockey penalty game
Source: Korean Times

This law will take effect from six months after being officially amended. Riot Games, as the developer of the League of Legends game, also gave an opinion through ESTNN.

“The jockeys have been restricted in movement in the League of Legends game, but this law will help us better once it becomes official.”

In Indonesia, jockeys are not legally prohibited. However, the South Korean public is actually more suitable, seeing the esports industry that has been growing rapidly.