Buy Orchid, Sell Orchid, Buy More. Really Virtus Pro Throw Against Na’Vi?

Previously, congratulate the DOTA 2 Natus Vincere team who managed to secure a slot to qualify for one of the Majors, Dream League Season 8. Na’Vi’s struggle to qualify deserves thumbs up. They made good use of the website, which for Dream League Season 8, the committee took 8 teams to compete.

Being a Major tournament, each team competes as hard as possible to qualify for the qualifier round. Previously, Team Secret and Team Liquid had confirmed themselves to qualify. So that last night’s match between Na’Vi and Virtus Pro will certainly smooth the steps for the winning team to pass.

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On paper, Virtus Pro is the favorite to beat Na’Vi, but in fact Na’Vi managed to beat Ramzes666 et al with a score of 2-0 and qualify for Dream League Season 8 in Jönköping, Sweden, early December. And there is one that is unique from yesterday’s match. Issue 322 comes to Virtus Pro. What’s wrong?

In the second game, 9pasha, who used Nature’s Prophet, apparently sold his Orchid Malevolance, then bought it again. This caught ODPixel, which at that time became a caster.

However, upon further investigation, it seems that this incident was not part of 322 or throw as people intended. 9pasha looks wrong selling items at the side shop. He seemed to want to sell his Orb of Venom but before selling it, he moved the item with Orchid Malevolance. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that what he was selling was Orchid. A few seconds later, he realized it and returned to buy the item.

It seems that he already intends to buy Shadow Blade. With the gold that is owned and the gold sold by Orb of Venom, Shadow Blade should already be purchased. This incident also seems to indirectly make it difficult for Virtus Pro to win the game.

For those who are curious about how 9pasha made this mistake, you can watch the video below.

With this result, you could say that Virtus Pro’s position is not safe yet. They have indeed finished all matches with a score of 8-6, but the team in 5th place is OG who will play Mid or Feed and Na’Vi tonight.

Absolute 2-0 victory must be packed OG over his opponents to impose a tiebreaker between OG and VP later. So, will this 9pasha blunder be paid handsomely by not passing Virtus Pro to the second Major later?