Can You Guess Are You Ready to Direct Invite from The Finals 2017?

Besides Mars Dota League 2017 and DreamLeague season 7 which will be present in July, there will also be an offline tournament presented by the Vastion Group, namely The Finals 2017.

Vastion Group is the largest electronic music producer in the country of Peru. It’s quite unique to see that they will present one of the Esports tournaments with a total prize pool of $ 50,000.

This tournament has started to undergo the qualifying rounds, it’s just that their qualification rounds are slightly different, only being opened for South America Quals and Peru Quals 1 and 2. But besides that they have also announced the teams that get direct invites. The following is a list of the teams:

  • MVP Hot6ix (Light, ShuMa, Reisen, Doctor, Grace) – Direct Invite
  • Alliance (Era, Limmp, jonassomfan, Pablo, Handsken, Loda) – Direct Invite
  • SG-esports (hFn, 4dr, Tavo, KINGRD, c4t) – Direct Invite
  • TBD – Direct Invite
  • TBD – Direct Invite
  • Midas Clup Elite (FuckinEh, Mandy, Liposa, Bardo, Gambling) – South America Quals
  • Thunder Awaken (Gohan, vanN, SmAsH, ztok, mstco) – Peru Quals 1
  • Elite Wolves (Kotaro Hayama, LeoStyle-, Papita, StingeR, Masoku) – Peru Quals 2
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The tournament will run offline in Peru, Lima. Unfortunately, until now there has been no news about the remaining 2 Direct Invite slots, can you guess ?. Even though they are still less popular with other prestigious tournaments, The Finals managed to invite one of the most famous casters in Dota 2, who else if not TobiWan.