Carmelo and Chris Paul Could Reunite at the Knicks Next Season

One of the Western Conference teams, the New York Knicks, has been in bad shape for some time now. But that looks set to change, as Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul are rumored to be reuniting at the Knicks next season.

The Knicks, who had made a bad decision for years or had a bad plan in team building, contributed to the Knicks who are now only the laughing stock of the NBA.

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But with the sacking of former coach David Fizdale and former President of Basketball Operations Steve Mills, there is hope that the Knickerbockers are finally ready to turn over a new leaf.

This summer may be one of their best opportunities to bring in some of their favorite players and build a franchise. In a recent episode of The Putback, Ian Begley of SportsNet New York catapulted the Carmelo / CP3 idea to The Big Apple.

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“If there is a player who is to trade Chris Paul with the Knicks,” Begley said. “That certainly increases the likelihood that Carmelo Anthony could return here at the New York Knicks.”

CP3 and Carmelo played together for a brief and dramatic time at the Houston Rockets. With both players past their prime, the Knicks will be far from being a title contender.

But there’s no reason to think it won’t work. Paul’s leadership, coupled with Melo’s form, could be a playoff team that could change perceptions of the NBA New York Knicks.

It would be a good plan and much needed for an organization that has only known defeat and despair over the past few decades. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any of the players will land in New York.

Carmelo has expressed his desire to re-enter the Portland Trail Blazers, while Paul recently finished his season at OKC as a borderline MVP candidate.