Celebrating First Worlds Victory, Invictus Gaming Releases Action Figure

Every time a team wins a tournament League of Legends world class befits Worlds, Riot Games will reward them with an exclusive skin line where each player can choose a champion who will get a skin themed team.

invictus gaming action figure

In 2018, the Summoner’s Cup was appointed by one of the teams the underdog during the tournament ie Invictus Gaming. They ended the tournament by overthrowing the giants from Europe, Fnatic.

It has been several months since the victory TheShy and Fnatic’s top friends, Invictus Gaming finally got their skin with the theme of Chinese-style paintings.

Response generated by the community LoL also very positive even though there are skins with identical appearances.

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The positive results from the community regarding the Invictus Gaming skin triggered the organization led by Wang Si-Cong to do things that had never been done by previous Worlds winners, namely releasing a collection. action figure Invictus Gaming skin themed.

The release of this action figure certainly brings something new, especially when Worlds becomes a special memory for Invictus Gaming retainer.

Sourced from social media from China, Weibo, this action figure will have a row of characters according to the skin from Riot Games.

In addition there is one other addition, namely the Summoner’s Cup which was lifted by Invictus Gaming after overtaking Fnatic.

Editor: Yubian Asfar