CEO Alter Ego tells the story behind Udil’s move to AE

Delwyn Sukamto as CEO of Alter Ego tells the story behind Udil’s move from ONIC Esports to Alter Ego.

After the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 5, we were surprised by Udil’s move from ONIC Esports to his rival team, Alter Ego.

Suddenly this move made many people curious, why Udil, who is synonymous with ONIC Esports, decided to move to Alter Ego.

CEO of Alter Ego, Delwyn Sukamto told of Udil’s move while doing a live streaming on Nimo TV with former EVOS Legends player, Oura.

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Alter Ego Oura
Photo via: Nimo TV Oura

“So, at that time after season 5, ONIC was also not satisfied with the results, right. So, if there are many heads in ONIC, many have thoughts on how to play Mobile Legends, too many of them (ONIC) have to leave 1.

So Udil is more than him destroying ONIC, it’s better if he just comes out. So when he asked to leave, he appeared on the transfer list, it appeared like I immediately contacted Justin.

After that I chatted Udil, chatted… while I was chatting I realized that this is a really nice person, I think I matched AE because he said, ‘yeah, I’m just really scared if I go to Alter Ego I’m afraid of destroying AE’s family’

It’s just because he (Udil) talks like that, I want to get him more into AE, because he cares so much chemistry, “Explained Delwyn.

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