Chat with Aura Esports Manager about ex-TEAMnxl Players>

Aura Esports, maybe one of the names that is still foreign to the ears of esports activists in Indonesia. But over time, this name will be remembered as a multi-division esports organization.

Roster CS: GO Aura Esports. Source: Aura Esports Instagram

One of roster CS: GO what took many by surprise was the withdrawal of the four former players TEAMnxl>, that is fl1pzjder, RiseN, crazyguy, klipp, and plus 1 other Vietnamese player, Rambutan.

At that time, maybe many people were shocked because the name Aura was still relatively new. However, the seriousness of this team was reflected when bringing in one of the former child artists, namely Ronaldowati, or whose real name is Miss Berlian.

We decided to have a chat with the manager from Aura Esports, Nevindra Ibnazhifi. As well as being the manager of the esports team, Nevindra also holds a concurrent position as Chairman of the Governing Council of the CS: GO Indonesia Association.

Hello Nevindra, can I introduce myself first?

“Hello, my name is Nevindra Ibnazhifi, I’m currently a manager in the division CS: GO and PUBG the Aura Esports team. “

Aura Esports is a new team, right? Can you please introduce this team to those who don’t know?

“Yes (new team), only about 2 months for now. Our division currently exists PUBG Mobile, PB, CS: GO, PUBG, ML, AoV, and Fortnite. “

So, we enter the next part about the CS: GO division. In entering this ex-TEAMnxl> to Aura, are you involved in it? And if so, maybe a little story?

“You don’t say they are directly involved, but what I know is that when they left TEAMnxl>, there were several team options that (could) be chosen. After negotiating with the team, it turned out that they were a good match and finally they officially entered Aura Esports. “

In this roster brought another Vietnamese player. What were the considerations at that time?

“That’s actually their decision. We were less than 1 person at that time, and Cong (crazyguy) advised his friends who were in the previous team.

We tried it directly at the IEC Kratingdaeng tournament yesterday. Even though the results are not satisfying, they are slowly but surely able to adapt and develop together. “

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Does the CS: GO division currently have its own gaming house?

“There is, but for now it is still devoted to the media. We have a plan to make gaming house specifically for the PC division in the next 1 month. “

Given that this team has 2 Vietnamese players, is their focus more on the Indonesian scene or overseas events? Because usually big teams skip local tournament events to focus on SEA.

“We focus on both. But because we have 2 foreign players, and maybe there are some local tournaments that we can’t participate in because they violate the conditions.

For example, some may require 4 players to be Indonesian citizens. But we will try our best to take part to enliven the arena of competition CS: GO Indonesia.”

At the IEC event yesterday, what can be learned from their first turney? And what are their shortcomings that will be the focus

“We are focused on continuing improve to teamwork, plus this team is still completely new. At the IEC yesterday they didn’t have any training at all, ha ha ha. So maybe in the future their hard work to become better can be seen by the public. “

How far is Aura Esports’ target for the future in the local and SEA scenes?

“We plan to become one of the teams CS: GO best in Indonesia, and can also compete at the Southeast Asian level. “

If you are asked about your personal goals as a manager, what are your goals?

“For me personally as a manager, they certainly have to be optimistic. I believe they can be the best, either in SEA or in Indonesia. Everything comes back to the results of their hard work. “

As Nevindra said, this team set quite a high target. How not, the capacity of these five players had represented the best teams in their respective countries.

If you want to get the latest information about rooster this as well rooster other Aura Esports, you can visit their Facebook fanpage here, and their Instagram @auraesports.

Let’s hope Aura Esports can bring a new color to it scene CS: GO Indonesia is in order to develop.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda