Chat with BOOM ID Manager Behind the Presence of 3 Mobile Legends Teams

Team presence-Mobile Legends team in Indonesia it is not a foreign thing anymore. However, one of the esports teams from Indonesia, BOOM ID, has apparently formed 3 teams Mobile Legends from the game made by Moonton.

BOOM ID at IGC 2018. Source: Dunia Games

BOOM ID is a new team in the Indonesian esports world. Formed in 2016, BOOM ID was transformed into a strong esports team and has formed a team Mobile Legends newest, namely BOOM.SG (Singapore).

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They became the topic of conversation after recruiting two stars Mobile Legends, that is Skywee and Zxuan. Precisely on September 17 2018, BOOM ID announced the arrival of the 2 Singaporean players.

Hereby officially BOOM ID has 3 teams Mobile Legends. Because previously, this team had acquired Agent Team. Para rooster this was transformed into the name BOOM Junior for the MPL Season 2 title.

Besides BOOM Jr. and BOOM.SG, BOOM ID also has a team Mobile Legendsitself contains SamoH, ReinsV, LeXuZzZ and others. Then, RevivalTV digs a little of the opinion General Manager of BOOM ID, Marzarian “Owljan” Sahita, regarding the presence of BOOM.SG.

BOOM ID. Source: BOOM ID Instagram

Because BOOM wants to expand outside Indonesia. Presence Skywee & Zxuan have the same passion to raise the name BOOM outside Indonesia. “

Then what is the reason? “Because it’s a game at the moment Mobile Legends is currently popular in Indonesia. The number of fans of this game is also quite a lot, talentpooltoo much. You could say this is a people’s party for esports in Indonesia and several countries in SEA.

BOOM Jr. Source: BOOM ID Instagram

Of course BOOM as an esports organization wants to participate in enlivening and participating in this people’s party. ” Close Owljan.

Then, the presence of Zxuan and Skywee had raised many questions. With a game that features a 5 player formation, then who are the 3 players left? “Zxuan and Skywee will play in Singapore.

Skywee and Zxuan enter BOOM ID. Source: BOOM ID Video

The three BOOM.SG players are currently still a secret, so just wait, “said the manager. So, how important is the presence of BOOM.SG from Zxuan and Skywee? “All players on BOOM ID are important.

We always try to give good and fair treatment to all BOOM ID members, be it talent, management, and also player. So when asked how important it is, the answer is as important as other players who are already in BOOM ID. “

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BOOM ID’s vision is still the same, Of course we hope that Zxuan and Skywee will be able to make achievements for BOOM, “Owljan concluded.

Image Courtesy: MPL Indonesia

Previously, the team Mobile Legends main BOOM ID failed to advance to MPL Season 2. Then, BOOM Jr. present under the name of the team bearing the wolf logo. Apart from BOOM ID, EVOS Esports also has a division Mobile Legends in Singapore.

How far has BOOM ID moved in the championship battle in MPL Season 2? Stay tuned and keep up with the excitement of the event Mobile Legends the biggest in Indonesia on the Facebook fanpage of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Indonesia.