Chat with BOOM ID Owner / CEO: About Predator League, Geek Fam, and BOOM ID

After a long process of qualification, playoffs, and the Grand Final, the 2018 APAC Predator League ended. Despite hosting this event, unfortunately, Indonesia, represented by BOOM ID (after defeating EVOS Esports in the Indonesian Final) only managed to become Runner-Up. They lost against Geek Fam from Malaysia in the Final round.

We also got in touch Gary Ongko Putera, Owner / CEO of BOOM ID, to chat about the final result of the Predator League.

Gary (in black shirt). Image Credit: My world

Gary admitted that he was satisfied but also disappointed at the same time. “Because we know / believe, we can beat Geek Fam,” he said. Personally, he himself also feels disappointed because Indonesia is the host of this event.

Because of the system double elimination used in the 2018 APAC Predator League Playoff, BOOM ID itself actually had to take the bitter pill because Geek Fam lost 2x in this event. The reason is, they also lost to Geek Fam in the Winner Bracket Semifinals and went down to Loser Bracket.

Even though they finally managed to get back up and win against Quid Pro Quo from the Philippines in the Loser Bracket Semifinals, Geek Fam still managed to beat BOOM ID in the final. We also asked Gary’s opinion about the fierce battle.

According to Gary, BOOM ID actually only lost in terms of communication in the game. He also added that draft-her (election hero) too is correct however possible in-game micro management which is not good.

Documentation: BOOM ID

However, Gary also said that he was also not a player who felt it firsthand and he advised us to ask BOOM ID players directly if they wanted detailed answers about their defeat.

We actually agree with Gary ourselves, at least from an observer’s point of view. Strategy Pick & Ban BOOM ID is also very good. Skill Individual Dreamoccel, IYD, and our friends from BOOM ID are even arguably above the average Geek Fam players.

It may indeed be true, however, that the up-and-coming team from Malaysia were better at in-match communication.

Then what about Gary’s impression of the 2018 Predator League?

Documentation: Acer

Eventits good, prizepool also big, (and) lots of people watching too. Atmosphere yes awesome. Yesterday we were chatting with people, it was like pretty “Wow, Indo esports is amazing,” said Gary.

We also asked Gary if there were any suggestions or suggestions for the Acer Predator League if they wanted to hold this tournament again in the future.

He said, “If the concept is indeed Asia Pacific 8 countries, don’t have to change anything. But maybe made more ‘wow’. So the representative / state is indeed the ‘strongest’ “. Without intending to humiliate anyone, Gary also added, “90% of the viewers know maybe (the) final will be (between) BOOM vs. Geek Fam. “

Documentation: Acer

We ourselves were also surprised to hear that there were no team names Dota 2 large in SEA, such as TnC, Fnatic, Exercation, et al. Even if you look at Malaysia, Geek Fam is arguably giving its best performance lately.

However, from the representatives of the Philippines, this country is actually arguably the most terrible in Indonesia scene Dota 2 SEA is now and has teams that are, on paper, scarier than Quid Pro Quo, such as TnC, Exercation, Clutch Gamers, or Happy Feet.

To close the chat, we also asked Gary if there was a message he wanted to convey to BOOM ID fans or Dota fans in general.

Documentation: Acer

He said, “thanks for always supporting we. Until there are some who come from outside the city to support us live. Amazing really! Believe us, everyone at BOOM always gives and tries their best. Sorry if this is not enough / can give fans a championship.

“For the fans Dota too, thanks for coming and, in a way, proved that PC gaming is not dead in Indonesia! Always support scene Indonesia because we (have) a lot player / a team of talents. ” Close Gary.