Chat with BOOM ID’s New Division, FIFA Online, about Their Achievements, Motivations, and Expectations

Today, March 8 2018, one of the major esports organizations from Indonesia, BOOM ID, officially introducing their new division. BOOM ID selects FIFA Online as their fifth division after they had the previous 4 divisions, Dota 2, CS: GO, Mobile Legends, and Vainglory.

Unmitigated, division FIFA Online (FO) they have actually waded many national or international championships before. It just so happens that we in Indonesia do not seem to pay much attention to the event FO previous.

Before we get into the chat with this new division, I also had time to ask for comments from owner / CEO of BOOM ID, Gary Ongko, about his divisional recruiting initiative FO.

“I myself really like soccer and I like playing FIFA although on console not on FO.“Said Gary. He also added that, according to the information he received, the community FO it’s actually big in Indonesia.

The players who enter this new division also have a myriad of achievements in FO. Add more, because FO3 also will soon switch to FO4, Gary also added, “I think the moment is good for the acquisition.”

Motivation Join BOOM ID

That was a comment from the boss BOOM ID. Let’s start the chat with the new division BOOM ID, represented by one of the players, Adi ‘KQB’ Prasetyo.

Let’s first see who are the players who are included in this new division of FO BOOM ID:

  • KQB (Adi Prasetyo)
  • ABADIA (Muhammad Akbar)
  • ALAZKA (Hary yudi saputra)
  • AUXERE (Khairul anam)

Of these four players, actually only KQB were previously different teams. Adi used to join together Guardian Force. Meanwhile, the other three players were already a team, which was originally named Bekasi Gold, then changed so Trinity, before becoming BOOM ID.

They admitted that they needed a new challenge when we asked them their motivation for joining BOOM ID.

Adi said, “By joining BOOM ID, we want to expand and add image which is good to friends in the FIFA community in Indonesia that the big esports team in Indonesia also wants to have a FIFA team. Because, so far, it’s from the game itself playernot as many as other esport games in Indonesia such as Dota, Point Blank, or games mobile who is being boming like ML and AoV. “

Simply put, they want more people to know that in fact there are Indonesian esports teams from genre sport.

List of achievements before entering BOOM ID

As I wrote earlier, it turns out that the players in the new BOOM ID division have indeed pocketed a myriad of achievements.

Here comes the long list (really long Hahaha) their achievements before joining BOOM ID:


  1. 1st XL Axiata cup 2014
  2. 2nd Battle to Korea 2014
  3. 4th Pro League season 1 2014
  4. 4th Pro League season 2 2015
  5. 1st Champion Arena II 2016
  6. 2nd runner up for Sea Open Championship Vietnam 2016
  7. 1st GPC Winter 2017


  1. 1st Place Champion Arena III
  2. 1st place PRO LEAGUE 3
  3. 1st place GPC Summer 2016
  4. 1st place GPC Winter 2016 – Runner up Champion Arena 1
  5. 1st Challenger Road to Vietnam
  6. 2nd Pro League Season 4
  7. 2nd GPC Summer 2017
  8. Vietnam Invitational Semifinal 2015
  9. 2015 Korean Asian Cup semifinals
  10. 1st GPC Winter 2017
Image Credit: FIFA Online 4 Indonesia’s Facebook Fanpage


  1. 1st Place Champion Arena I
  2. 1st place PRO LEAGUE 3
  3. 1st place GPC Summer 2016
  4. 1st place GPC Winter 2016
  5. 2nd Pro League Season 4
  6. 2nd GPC Summer 2017
  7. Vietnam Invitational Semifinal 2015
  8. 2015 Korean Asian Cup semifinals
  9. 1st GPC Winter 2017


  1. 1st place PRO LEAGUE 3
  2. 1st place GPC Summer 2016 – 1st place GPC Winter 2016
  3. 2nd Pro League Season 4
  4. 2nd GPC Summer 2017
  5. Vietnam Invitational Semifinal 2015
  6. 2015 Korean Asian Cup semifinals
  7. 1st GPC Winter 2017

Current Conditions of FIFA Online Esports

Since KQB is one of the active players in the competitive FO arena, I am curious to find out how the current condition of FO esports is, both locally and internationally.

“It’s much more developed, huh. More new names popping up on scene local esports. I myself feel if you’re practicing on ranked match met a lot of new names. So there are more and more variations in terms of providing tactics to fight them.

FIFA Online 4 which will replace FIFA Online 3

Even abroad (Asia), many new names have won to represent their respective countries in international tournaments. ” KQB story.

However, he also added that, because soon FO3 will change to FO4, the players are a little less because many can’t wait to play on FO4.

Achievement Targets and Their Expectations for FO

I also continued the conversation by asking what kind of achievement targets they wanted to achieve after joining BOOM ID.

“Of course winning every existing tournament, please. However, in my opinion personally, the greatest achievement is, after joining BOOM ID, hopefully there will be more playerplayer new ones that have sprung up Hehehe.“Said Adi.

I myself actually feel that it is impossible for the burden of the popularity of one game to be entrusted to only one team / organization.

Because of that, I also asked if this new division has any hope for Garena as publisher FO to be more active in working on the community or competition FO, like they do with LoL, PB, and AoV.

“If this is really true, I hope the Garena team itself will be more innovative in developing the community in this area scene local. And also hopefully there will be more tournaments in Indonesia, not only from Garena, hehehe, ”concluded KQB.

That was our chat with the new division BOOM ID, FIFA Online. Hopefully the hope is achieved! Hopefully there will be more too turney-turney FO in Indonesia or at the global level.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to also support the new BOOM ID division, FIFA Online this is to compete in the tournament EACC Spring 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand, March 31 – April 1 2018 yes!