Chat with Chainsmo, the Most Beautiful Caster in MPL Indonesia Season 1

For those of you who take part in Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 1, you must have seen it caster we on this one. Dennissa Istifani aka his name Chainsmo. He is caster the most beautiful in MPL Indonesia Season 1 because Chainsmo is the only one caster girls in MPL Indonesia (at least until this article was written).

We also chatted with this one student majoring in English Literature, about MPL and its experiences caster esports.

Dennisa also shared about her experience of getting to know him Mobile Legends. He admitted that he did not play Dota or other MOBA games before. He was interested in trying Mobile Legends out of curiosity to see his girlfriend who often plays ML.

He also shared that at first he was always playing solo because you don’t have many friends in the game yet. But now he admits that he’s always there party while playing.

How do you want to be? caster? We also asked Dennisa.

Dennisa said, “it was the first time caster it was offered and it just so happened that I also wanted to hone my skills public speaking who also happened to be taught on campus hehe … “

Dennisa herself started her journey so caster during the National Arena Contest, on the Facebook Fanpage of Mobile Legends and, until our chat time, (January 22 2018) he was still focused on being caster only for Mobile Legends.

Chainsmo, who we contacted via Line’s message, continued his story about the joys and sorrows of being caster.

“I love it because I get to know a lot pro player and analysis gameplay they. In addition, many friends are also supportive. Grief that if viewers more focus on commenting on commentators than watching gameplay-hahaha… ”Said Dennisa.

Maybe Dennisa’s ‘grief’ had indeed become a risk as a person caster even though to be caster also actually not easy.

According to him, “what is needed to be made caster, Definitely knowledge game, (and) have confidence in the ability to speak in front of the camera / public. even-streamer-lebih-baik-tidak-membaca-chat-stream/

Then what about his opinion about this MPL Indonesia Season 1?

“I think this MPL is really exciting, right? We can see big match from squads famous and famous. For example RRQ vs EVOS yesterday (Week 2, Day 2) many watched on YouTube and Fanpage even up to 20K viewers ✌? “he said.

There are predictions who will not qualify for the Playoff later?

“Waah the prediction that didn’t pass I’m afraid to say it hahaha … scared into trigger ” joked Chainsmo.

Alright, how about the champion? Who are the Top 4 in your opinion?

“RRQ, Bigetron Player Kill, EVOS, (and) E8 critical reborn”

That was our brief chat with Dennisa. Oh yeah, if you guys want to go on update about Chainsmo, you can follow Instagramnya at @dennisastfn or YouTube Channel Dennisa Istifani.

Don’t forget, too, for those of you who want to watch Chainsmo casting, You can watch MPL Indonesia Season 1 every Saturday and Sunday on the MLBB Esports YouTube channel or Mobile Legends Facebook Fanpage.