Chat with the AoV national team captain at the 2018 ASIAN Games

After announcing the six games that will be showcased at the 2018 Asian Games, Arena of Valor, Clash Royale, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, PES 2018, and League of Legends, we had the opportunity to interview the captain of the Arena of Valor team, namely Glen “DG Skinny” Richard. Glen, who is familiarly called Kurus, plays as observer in the AOV national team.

Source: Garena AOV E-Sports Indonesia

The AOV national team was selected through a voting system. The players who can be voted are determined via group round robin between five teams namely GGWP ID, SES ID, DG Esports, Rex Regum Qeon, and Chronicles Hore. Apart from the five teams that participated in round robin there is 1 team that gets wild card because previously he won the ASL performance, namely EVOS Esports.

Source: Garena AOV E-Sports Indonesia
Source: Garena AOV E-Sports Indonesia

After going through selection and voting, the five players who succeeded in becoming AOV national team players were:

  1. Glen “DG Skinny” Richard
  2. Hartawan “GGWP Wyvorz” Muliadi
  3. Farhan “EVOS Hanss” Akbari
  4. Muhammad “EVOS Ahmad”
  5. Inspiration of “GGWP Uugajah” Bahrul

Of the five players who have been selected through the voting system, the AOV national team must be abandoned by 2 players, namely EVOS Ahmad and EVOS Hanss because the two players are following bootcamp in Thailand for preparation AOV World Championship in Los Angeles.

The AOV national team when this article was written was practicing using 2 standin, the standin players are drawn from big teams.

The focus of training from the AOV national team, especially for the remaining 3 players, is to build solidarity and also develop strategies. Even more DG is thin who plays as observer and GGWP Uugajah who plays as jungler must have a good level of coordination because these two role are related to each other.

Until now, there are only 5 main players for the AOV national team. Apart from 5 players, Garena has explained that the AoV national team will consist of 6 players and 1 coach. Election coach Garena was immediately selected by Garena, who up to now have 10 candidates left. Meanwhile, the sixth player from the AOV national team will be selected directly by coach from the AOV national team.

Source: Garena AOV E-Sports Indonesia

“Coach who later will be elected must be able fit and and mingle with the players, the goal is to better understand the character of each player. And for the sixth player, Glen thinks the sixth player must master at least 2-3 roles and not be fixated on any roles, ”said Glen

“The hope of the AOV national team can make Indonesia proud through AOV. And for the supporters of the AOV national team to continue to support anyone who plays to represent Indonesia under any circumstances. Because this team is new, we still have a lot to learn. And most importantly, don’t forget to pray that we can do our best, ”said Glen.

Edited by Jabez Elijah