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Who doesn’t know Wings Gaming? The most phenomenal champion of The International in history. A year earlier they were not known, but in 2016, they were the masters of DOTA 2. No one doubted how well this Chinese team played. Starting from hero pool and movements that are difficult to read, this team is a scourge of its own.

Wings Gaming TI6

Tragically, they had to accept the harsh reality when Wings Gaming management “hurt” its players. The management and the innocence of the players made Wings Gaming even more at the end of its heyday. Not to mention the problem with the 2 former players who chose to join EHOME, which actually caused EHOME to be banned from ACE, the China Esports Association.

Faith_bian and y` We can still watch the action with EHOME, but what about his friends? Shadow, crossed alone into Eclipse while bLink and iceice defended Sun Gaming.

Wings gaming

It has been more than a year since they became champions of The International 2016, finally they are ready to be reunited. It is the Perfect World Masters who are ready to be the medium for their reunion.

This is based on how Valve has finally sent The International champion ring and just arrived in China. And as an appreciation for esports activists in China, especially DOTA 2, finally Perfect World Masters will present the handover of this ring to the former Wings Gaming players.

The winners of The International each year will indeed receive a ring specially made for the roster who plays. Starting from Na`Vi to EG have received their special rings.

ti champs ring

This news emerged through a tweet by Cyborgmatt, the director of Team Secret who is known to be quite close to Valve.

The Perfect World Masters itself will take place starting this Sunday (19/11). As a tournament with minor status, for one week 10 teams will compete for a total prize pool of USD 300 thousand and 300 circuit pro points.

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