Climbing the standings, Bigetron RA shows its quality

PMGC 2020 Bigetron RA – On the second day of the final round of the PMGC PUBG Mobile Global Championship, two PUBG Mobile teams from Indonesia, Bigetron RA and Aerowolf LIMAX began to show extraordinary performances.

On the second day of the PMGC Final round, Bigetron RA (BTR RA) and Aerowolf Limax won Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD).

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2020 Final Round enters its second day. After a 2-day pause due to technical difficulties, we finally get to see the big competition again.

pmgc 2020 bigetron ra
Source: Bigetron Esports

Previously, we have seen many great moments found in the PMGC 2020 match. Considering that we have now entered the Final round, of course hype The audience will also increase, because we will be presented with great battles between the teams selected at PMGC.

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As we know, the performance of the BTR RA and Aerowolf Limax teams may have looked ‘not good’ on the first day, but now with the signal constraints overcoming they made them bounce back and show their fangs.

The following is the PMGC 2020 Grand Finals standings until the second day:

pmgc 2020 bigetron ra
Source: PMGC

You can see, BTR RA has skyrocketed to fifth in the PMGC Final by gaining 106 points. Meanwhile, Aerowolf LIMAX, who also won WWCD, had their score at 14th, with a score of 76 points.

The first position is still occupied by the PUBG Mobile team from Turkey, Digital Athletics, which collected 139 points, followed by the Malaysian team, Team Secret, with 129 points.

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