Cloud and KOFF will represent Vietnam at the 2020 Esports Presidential Cup

After completing the Thailand regional qualifiers some time ago. The 2020 Esports Presidential Cup finally moved quickly and returned to selecting the best teams from the Vietnam region.

In this qualification, one of the Vietnamese teams, King of Free Fire (KOFF) and Cloud also won tickets to the 2020 Esports Presidential Cup Grand Final.

There are 12 teams that will compete in the competition, including:

  • Cloud
  • Refund Free Fire (RFF)
  • King of Free Fire (KOFF)
  • Ha Noi Team
  • Esports 845
  • Lon Xon Team
  • Nguoi Phan Xu
  • GOW Esports
  • Rampage
  • WAG
  • 72 Vung Tau

The PPE 2020 Vietnam Regional Qualification is conducted in a seven-round match format. Where the two teams who get the most points through the seven rounds have the opportunity to advance to the Grand Final which will be held in Jakarta on February 2, 2020.

Esports Presidential Cup 2020 1
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In the first round, RFF fiercely played and managed to get Booyah !. So that they lead the acquisition of the provisional standings until the sixth round.

Prior to the seventh round, the temporary gains for RFF are 1870, Cloud 1620 and KOFF 1590. When the RFF is above the cloud. In the seventh round, RFF had bad luck because they lost a lot of points, until in the end the RFF was overtaken by KOFF and Cloud at the end of the standings.

Actually, KOFF and Cloud got the same points, but KOFF was decided as the winner of Vietnam regional qualification because they managed to get twice Booyah !, while Cloud only Booyah once! only.

As well as being ranked first in the Vietnam PPE 2020 regional qualification, DNP, which is one of the KOFF players, was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the qualification.

He won the MVP because of his excellent performance when playing, where he managed to get 14 kills in the seven matches that took place.