Cloud9 Acquires Team NP Before TI7

Team NP is the team formed by Jacky “EternaLEnVy“Mao after The International 2016. Not a few achievements have been achieved by the team, and they can now be called one of the best Dota2 teams in the world even though they were just formed. Moreover, they are the first winners of the regional TI7 qualifying round North America.

But what’s interesting today is that Cloud9 has just announced EternaLEnVy and all Team NP players are now part of Cloud9. Yes, it’s true, Cloud9 has acquired the Team NP roster, this is like old love blossoming again where these five players used to defend a team that is identical to this blue and white color in 2014 ago.

Jacky “EternaLEnVy“Mao, Adrian”FATA– “Trinks, Kurtis”Aui_2000“Ling, and Johan”pieliedie“Åström was a part of the Dota2 Cloud9 team which was formed in 2014. Meanwhile, Offlaner Arif”MSS“Anwar also defended Cloud9 in 2015 even though it was only briefly.

Roster Cloud9 2015 Gets Second Place in Dream League Season 2 –
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Previously acquired by C9, Team NP itself has done their first roster overhaul, namely issuing Theeban “1437“Siva and also Avery”SVG“Silverman, and later replaced by Adrian”FATA-“Trinks who just returned to the competitive realm and Johan”pieliedie“Åström from Team Secret.

Whereas from the Cloud 9 side, they have overhauled their Dota 2 division twice. The first is the roster team Dark Horse which has been disbanded due to behavior problems from Ravindu “Ritsu“Kodippili. And also the rooster Danish Bears who disbanded because of their pretty poor performance and didn’t result in a big milestone for Cloud 9.

With this, the Dota 2 division Cloud 9 roster is:

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