Coach Alter Ego’s Response About Hell Group M2 and 10S Gaming from Japan

Nasi Uduk as the coach of Alter Ego gave his comments regarding the hell group in M2 and 10S Gaming Frost, which are a Japanese team in the same group as AE.

Bertemu Lagi dengan Bren Esports di M2, Ini Komentar Pelatih Alter Ego

2 Indonesian representatives namely Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Hoshi and Alter Ego will compete in the 2nd Mobile Legends world championship series entitled M2.

RRQ Hoshi was in group D with EVOS SG and also Dreammax, while Alter Ego was in group C with Bren Esports and 10S Gaming Frost.

RevivaLTV directly asked the coach of Alter Ego, Nasi Uduk about comments for the 10S Gaming Frost team, which is a team from Japan who are in the same group C M2 as AE.

“For the 10S Gaming team, to be honest, I don’t know anything about the team, we are sure to stay all in I don’t want to let my guard down against anyone, including 10S Gaming, “he told RevivaLTV.

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Message from MPLI's Alter Ego Coach

RevivaLTV also provided information that according to the RRQ coach, James, the Japanese team was strong.

“Well ready, that means if that’s the hell group again, here we are hahahahaha,” added Nasi Uduk.

Finally, Nasi Uduk gave a message to the Indonesian Mobile Legends community to support Alter Ego and RRQ Hoshi on M2.

“For the ML community in Indonesia, don’t forget to support us (AE and RRQ) in M2 so that they can make Indonesia proud in the world arena.

And for Alter Ego’s other alterchamps and friends, we ask for their support and prayers to be able to present trophies for you and Indonesia, “concluded Nasi Uduk.

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