Coach Natus Vincere Reveals the Problem of Decreasing the Performance of His Foster Children

Divisional Natus Vincere coach Dota 2 namely Andrey “Mag“Chipenko spoke about the problems that exist with Na’Vi. The problem that is being hit is the decline in the performance of his foster children who have started to experience frequent defeats, after initially losing to Ninja in Pajamas.

“We lost to NiP, the next day in training I felt that everything seemed so far out of our hands, we didn’t get a good move. It was as if they (Na’Vi players) forgot how to play.

Losing NiP was like attacking us. You played against Secret, you played pretty well. At the same time, we played all week without rest and rest, and practiced. Feels like they scored somewhere, but in reality they started to play even worse. And the defeat to NiP broke us a little, and a lot of trouble arose immediately. ” explained Mag in an interview with Na’Vi uploaded on YouTube Na’Vi.

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Mag talks about his foster children
Source: Na ”vi Dota 2

Mag also added that the process of overcoming the crisis that his foster child is currently experiencing can take several weeks and if it is not resolved immediately then the situation will get worse.

“We have conversations, we try to fix all this when the league from ESL ends. We started preparing for the next tournament, played KV and, one could say, within four days they were back on their feet. But with HR it didn’t work. In fact, it is a long process that can take more than a week, that is, even two weeks. Yes, this is according to my estimation. Either it manages to take a step forward and fix the problem, or sink to the very bottom.

But we’re not going there (falling). We’re trying to build our team play, communication, more clearly distribute some of the in-game zones of responsibility and get to the level we want. ” bright Mag.

In the last seven matches, Natus Vincere has suffered six defeats. They managed to break their series of defeats in a duel against B8 Esports on WePlay! Pushka League Season 1: Division 1.