Codex Xeniel Season 11 Contains Interesting Heroes & Skins!

Battle pass or in AoV known as Codex Xeniel is a feature where we will get attractive prizes by completing certain missions.

To get the Xeniel Codex you can buy it for about 230 vouchers. By opening Codex Xeniel you will get various attractive prizes. Codex Xeniel Season 11 with the main prize skin Krixi and also hero newest namely Volkath.

In Game Screenshot

Apart from Volkath as well skin the latest Krixi there are several other attractive prizes. As usual when you reach level 15 then you will get hero Wiro Sableng.

Then when it reaches level 20 you will get hero selector box. You can choose to get hero Lauriel, Ignis, or Wisp.

Source: In-Game Screenshots

When it reaches level 30 you will get hero newest namely Volkath. Volkath is the king of Lokeheim who rose after being defeated by Tell Annas.

Not only terrible in terms of appearance and story, skill set Volkath is also very deadly and will become hero very strong!

Source: In-Game Screenshots

On level 50 you will get skin selector box which contains Dandy Valhein, Phoenix Lauriel, and Leo Natalya. Last on level 60 you will get skin Wicked Wing Krixi

So, those are some interesting prizes offered by Codex Xeniel Season 11. Come on, let’s open Codex Xeniel Season 11!