Collaboration Result, Arena of Valor Arrival of Indonesian Local Hero, Wiro Sableng

Maybe some of you can guess the contents of this article through the title that has been posted on the RevivalTV page. Yup, a surprise comes from the MOBA game made by Tencent, Arena of Valor. The reason is, the game brings elements of local heroes from Indonesia with the presence of fictional heroes, Wiro Sableng.

This collaboration is manifested in the collaboration of Garena AoV Indonesia with Lifelike Pictures. At a glance about Wiro Sableng, this hero is a fikis hero of the kingdom era in Indonesia who is the work of Bastian Tito.

Splash Art Wiro Sableng Arena of Valor. Source: Tencent

Wiro Sableng himself is a hero from a novel that was made into a film series in 1988-1989, and also adapted to Indonesian films from 1994 to 2002. Wiro Sableng’s presence has become very iconic with his flagship weapon, Dragon Geni Death Ax 212.

Previous enthusiasm was also trying to bring it to the digital era through a MOBA game and big screen film. Sheila Timothy, The producer of the film Wiro Sableng also said that the idea of ​​this collaboration came about thanks to the idea of ​​Sang partner, that is Chris Lie.

Press Conference the presence of Wiro Sableng at the Arena of Valor.

He is a person who does concept art from Wiro Sableng, regardless of his hobby of the game world. Chris Lie consider that this is the right moment to introduce Wiro Sableng through films and also a character in the game Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor was chosen because of the enthusiasm of the players who are fairly busy in Southeast Asia, to the world level.

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This is evident from the participation of all regions in the event Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) 2018 which was attended by European, Asian, American teams that took place in Los Angeles, United States.

Regardless, Hans Saleh, Head of Operations at Garena Indonesia expressed his pride through the presence of local Indonesian heroes to Arena of Valor. Wiro Sableng is also presented on the big screen for those of you who want to watch.

The people behind Wiro Sableng at the Arena of Valor. (Ki-Ka: Chris Lie, Sheila Timothy, Hans Pious). Source: Garena

Played by the son of the direct novel author, Vino G. Bastian in the film Wiro Sableng 212. This excitement was added to the collaboration of Lifelike Pictures, Caravan Studio, Tencent Timi Studio and of course Garena Indonesia so that the success of this hero was realized.

Wiro Sableng at the Arena of Valor. Source: Garena

The Wiro Sableng film will air on August 30, 2018, to coincide with its end event Wiro Sableng at Arena of Valor.

You can also get Wiro Sableng for free during the period event 29 July – 30 August 2018 plus exclusive Garuda (Xeniel) skin only login on July 29, 2018.

Exclusive Garuda Skin. Source: Garena

Not only that, Arena of Valor also provide event to enliven the Arena of Valor World Cup through the title 729 Prize Parties.

You can get permanent skins and heroes, a number of pulses, 24 units of Xiaomi Redmi 5 cellphones, 5 units of Apple iPhone X mobile phones and the most fantastic is 1 unit of Yamaha NMax motorbike.

Event 729 Arena of Valor Prize Party. Source: Garena

Do not miss event which is unique and festive from the presence of Wiro Sableng, yes. Also don’t forget to support Indonesian cinema by watching Wiro Sableng 212 on August 30, 2018. Wiro, Wiro Sablengg!